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NBE celebrates Hoops for Heart by throwing around some pies
Fourth grade teacher Mark Porter braces for a pie in the face thrown by Hailey Bang.

NBE tastefully celebrates fund raiser

by Nathan Arneal
Published 4/28/10

Last fall, the students of North Bend Elementary were promised a chance to watch some of their teachers get creamed if they met certain goals.

More pie meets face
P.E. teacher Jackie Moeller organized the fund raising effort, and joined in the celebration face-first.

The payoff came Wednesday, when NBE staff members Mark Porter, Mark Brower, Andy Gibney and Jackie Moeller received a face full of cream pie after the students more than doubled their fund raising goals.

Students in grades 3-6 participated in the Hoops for Heart and Jump Rope for Heart programs in Moeller’s P.E. classes to raise money to fund heart disease research.
Moeller told students they could watch Porter, Brower and Gibney get pied if they raised $1,500. When the amount collected surpassed $2,000, Moeller threw her own hat—or more accurately, face— into the ring.

“Being proud does not say enough of how I feel about the hard work the students put into this event,” Moeller said.

With the economic climate what it was, Moeller didn’t know if the timing was right for a successful fund raising effort. Then in the middle of the program, the downtown fire happened, drawing the focus of a lot of local charity dollars. Despite these conflicts, the 79 participating students eventually raised $3,165.

“The community, staff, and students have certainly demonstrated how caring and supportive they are,” Moeller said. “Working with people like these are the reasons I am a teacher. It is an honor to be associated with them all.”

At a school assembly Wednesday, four students’ names were drawn to be the pie throwers. Hailey Bang, Shelby Limbach, Boo Dolezal and Claire Kern were the lucky throwers.

For their part, the four pie targets received their favorite kind of pie. In a pan, that is, not their face.

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