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Little Ricky's closing

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 12/22/10

Rick Elofson, owner of Little Ricky’s Saloon and Grill, has announced that he will be closing “for now.” Thursday, Dec. 23, will be his last day open to the public.

Elofson, 56, has owned the establishment at 644 Main Street in North Bend since May 1996. He has not decided what he is going to do, saying there are lots of options on the table.

“If I could find someone totally trustworthy to manage it so my wife wouldn’t have to be here all the time, I’d open it back up,” Elofson said.

He is also considering selling the business and building or moving the business to a different town.

Elofson said he does have some catering jobs scheduled that he will honor, and Little Ricky’s will be open for some private parties already scheduled. If anyone is interested in scheduling a private party, they can contact Elofson at 402-720-1133.

But for now, when the last person leaves Thursday, Little Ricky’s will be closed.
Lynette Elofson said her husband is not retiring, “he’s just tired.”

Rick Elofson said he will be going back to trucking for now.

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