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Council sets library rental policy

by Nathan Arneal
Published 6/27/12

After wavering between a couple of proposals, the North Bend City Council came to a decision as to how it would handle public use of the community room at the new public library at its June 19 meeting.

Initially, the Council had planned to charge $50 for any group to use the meeting room. Members of the Library Foundation visited an earlier meeting to suggest that the community room be let to non-profit groups free of charge and private groups charged $35 for use with a $15 fee if the room needs extra cleaning after the event.

The council settled on a $40 rental fee, plus a $25 deposit in case extra cleaning is required or slight damages occur.

Rental groups will sign a contract stipulating that they will be liable for any damages incurred beyond the $25 deposit. A similar contract is signed by people renting the city auditorium.

The library community room will be free of charge to local non-profit community groups.

In other council business:

• Councilman Tom Mullally suggested that proposed ordinances be printed in the North Bend Eagle before they are passed. Currently, ordinances are only published after they are passed, as required by law.

Mullally said it would give the public a better chance to voice their opinions before laws and regulations are added to the city code book.

“I know the opinions around this table,” Mullally said, “but usually we’re the only ones who have read it (before voting on proposals).”

The rest of the council agreed, and from now on any ordinances that are deemed to have potential for controversy or discussion will be published before they are voted on. Routine or statutory acts by the council will still not be published before a vote.

• A second of three readings was given for Ordinance 512, which would regulate temporary street vendors. The text of the proposed ordinance is printed on page 9.

• The fee for dog tags was increased from $5 to $6 and the delinquent fee from $10 to $12. One dollar of such fees now has to be submitted to the state.

• The council reappointed mayor Jeff Kluthe, council president Kevin Ferguson, sheriff Steve Hespen, and Dr. Jeffrey Rapp to the city’s Board of Health.

• Duane Ellermeier and Mark Johnson were reappointed to four-year terms on the city’s Planning Commission.

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