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Bourek moves into Main St. office

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 3/27/13

Andy Bourek has tried the insurance business before, but now he feels he has found his home - in North Bend.

Bourek, 38, has had an office in North Bend since 2011. He rents space from Jerry Nordboe and remodeled the 20 foot by 20 foot space himself for his office.

InsuranceAndy Bourek shows his newly remodeled office.

A 1994 graduate of Howells High School, Bourek has associate degrees from Northeast Community College in agri-business and business management. He worked as a dispatcher for a trucking firm for eight years before starting to work with an insurance agency in Fremont. After six years he tried the insurance business as an independent agent.

“It was tough” Bourek said.

In 2011 Bourek started working part-time with Folda and Company Insurance Agency in Schuyler. In Nov. 2012, R.J. Gall purchased the company and renamed it Agri-City Insurance Agency. There are offices in Schuyler, Columbus, Norfolk and North Bend. Bourek is the one employee in the North Bend office. In January 2013, Bourek went full time. Now, Bourek has office hours every morning in North Bend. In the afternoons he may go to one of the other offices to help agents there, or he can see people in North Bend by appointment.

“My cell phone number is on my card, so people can get hold of me anytime,” Bourek said.

His five-year plan is to be busy enough so that he can be in North Bend full time and have a staff.

“It’s my home,” Bourek said, “and I plan to get more involved in the community.”

Though still an independent agent, Bourek works under Agri-City and is happy with the agency’s team approach. Although Bourek doesn’t own part of the business, he does have interest and ownership in his clients. The owner has brought in a crop insurance expert and tried to define roles of different people.

“I write life and health insurance,” Bourek said. “A lot of other agents do, too, but they don’t focus on it.”

Bourek has helped out other agents with health and life insurance, and has resources to call upon if he needs clarifications.

“It’s always me here in North Bend,” Bourek said. “The biggest thing I know in North Bend is that you have to earn people’s trust. I know it may be a while to get a lot of opportunities to quote to farmers, but I sure hope they’ll keep me in mind.”

Bourek said in addition to the life and health insurance, he sells auto, home, farm and business insurance. The one thing he did previously that he does not do now is investments, saying the rules and regulations require a lot of updating.

He works with many insurance companies to find the best value for his customers.

“Insurance is always changing,”Bourek said. “By being independent I hope I can change with it to make sure I can always have competitive products for my clients.”

Bourek encourages people to check their insurance when it is due.

“If you don’t check you don’t know how good you got it” Bourek said. “I probably only write 60 percent of the business I quote because people are already getting a good deal.”

He encourages people to check their insurance to make sure they are properly protected and have the best value.

“It’s not all about price,” Bourek said. “You can find product out there cheaper, but you need to make sure you’re protected.”

Bourek can be reached at 402-652-3378 weekday mornings and 402-719-6769 other times.

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