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Summit Grove gate

New gate guards reclaimed cemetery

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 8/6/14

Casey Jones has been reclaiming the Summit Grove Cemetery since 2011. He and many others helped clear out the overgrowth of shrubs and trees, upright fallen markers and find unmarked graves. It has been a long journey, but one many have taken to restore the dignity deserving of those buried at the cemetery 10 miles north of North Bend, including two veterans. (See the July 6, 2011, North Bend Eagle for a complete story of the work that Jones has spearheaded.)

The Summit Grove Preservation and Restoration Society has been working on the cemetery and the gate is one of its projects. Jones said a gate and fencing has been discussed since day one of the project.

“It just needed one,” Diane Emanuel said.

Roch Emanuel designed and manufactured a gate for the cemetery, and finally it was installed July 26.

Paid for by donations, the metal gate was installed in the northwest corner of the cemetery. A fence would be nice, but Jones said the cost is prohibitive so the preservation group settled on a post and cable along the north border of the cemetery, parallel to the road. This will be installed soon.

Everything was done by volunteers and each has a claim to a relative in the cemetery. Except Jones, that is. He just did it because it needed to be done.
Diane Emanuel said her Ferguson great-great-grandparents are buried there, as are Bruce Ferguson’s.

Those on the preservation committee for Summit Grove Cemetery and working on the gate were Roch and Diane Emanuel; Drew Emanuel and his son Roch; Bruce, Brad and Matt Ferguson; Gene Robertson and Jones.

Thrivent for Lutherans provided some of the funding with the rest coming from individual donors to cover the approximately $1,500 cost of the material.
To help with the Summit Grove efforts, donations may be sent to Platte Valley Bank, P.O. Box 500, North Bend, NE 68649.

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