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Making a door
Sean Mullally watches a section of wall fall at the old popcorn plant. A door and a ramp was built in the spot to allow vehicle access into the building.

Mullallys opening site for business expansion

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 8/27/14

Much of the old popcorn plant on the north side of North Bend has fallen into disrepair. With the help of a pair of brothers, it is being revitalized and ready to house businesses.

Mullally brothersBrothers Mike and Tom Mullally have been preparing the old popcorn plant site that several businesses will be leasing.

Tom Mullally, his brother Mike, wife Jody and mom Deb united to form a group called M&M Rental Properties. On On June 9 M&M closed on the land north of the library, which includes the old popcorn plant.

“We were looking for something closer to town for our equipment,” Tom Mullally said. “As soon as everything gets settled we’ll start working on our space.”
Until then, they are getting space ready for tenets, some of whom have already moved in.

The most noticeable change to the building is a big cement ramp M&M put in to make the large building suitable for a repair shop for Redhead Trucking LLC. The repair part of the business is an LLC owned by Charles Stephenson and Kirk Dolezal.

Butch Dolezal rents the quonset to the east under the name BD Repair.

Nick Emanuel and his CropMetrics business occupy the north part of the original, flat roofed building. CropMetrics has been in the building for a while, using it to rebuild moisture sensors and other equipment, mostly in the winter.

In the old break room of the popcorn plant, TSC Container Freight runs a trucking brokerage firm.

The area to the south of the lot has been rented by OPPD to park their trucks as they work on lines around North Bend. The only place not rented is the 1,200 square foot former popcorn plant office building.

“If people need space (to grow),” Mullally said, “it’s nice to have it.”


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