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Child injured at pool, lifeguards respond

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 8/5/15

Dylan Doty, 10, occasionally goes to Romper Room in the summer while his parents, Jamie and Adam, work. One of the regular activities for the children is to go to the pool if it is open. When they go there is one attendant for every five children. On July 31, Allison Lux was watching the older kids in the pool.

DotyTubes and wires have been Dylan Doty's weekend story after an accident at the pool.

Doty went to go off the diving board, then backed up. He missed his step, fell off the side of the board and hit his side on the edge of the pool and his head on the concrete.

Lifeguard Callie Winkleman was at his side immediately, with lifeguards Alexis Allgood, Kiley Allgood and Maggie Goodwin there to assist. After attempts to call the Doty parents was unsuccessful, the rescue squad was called and Dylan was transported to Fremont Health emergency room. Lux was able to get ahold of the parents and they met their son at the hospital.

A cut above his right eye was closed with four stitches. Then Dylan started to complain of pain in his side. A CAT scan showed a laceration on his liver and internal bleeding. Doty was transferred to University of Nebraska Medical Center where he was admitted to the pediatric Intensive Care Unit. He was monitored for 24 hours during which time the bleeding stopped and then he was transferred to a regular room.

Doty was dismissed to home on Monday. He will continue under doctor’s care for a while with weekly visits for a few weeks.

“He didn’t have a concussion,” mother Jamie Doty said. “He was conscious the whole time. So we are thankful for that.”

Dylan will have to restrain from all physical activity for two months. He had all ready signed up for football, but that is out his mother said.

“We are very satisfied with how the lifeguards reacted,” Jamie said. “(Lux and) Romper Room kept trying to call me until they got hold of me. Thank you to everyone.”


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