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Morse Bluff school

Morse Bluff school inching closer to becoming a home

by Nathan Arneal
Published 8/12/15

Steve Britt and his family are in the midst of a multi-year project that will turn the former Morse Bluff Elementary building into their home. With the help of a top German architect, the school is tranforming into an open, modern structure.

For the full story, see the Aug. 12, 2015, Morse Bluff Eagle (aka North Bend Eagle).

Morse Bluff Elemenetary reahab
The four classrooms on the upper level are being converted into bedrooms. Pictured is what was the largest classroom, the southwest one. The northern portion of the room has been walled off to create a bathroom. The rooms are keeping vestiges of their former lives, such as the blackboards, and here, a cursive alphabet.

See more plans for the future of the Morse Bluff schoolhouse on the architect's website.

To find the Morse Bluff plans:

Click here to go to the architect's website. You will notice it is in German.

• Click on "Architektur"

• The next page shows his projects all over the world, including "Morse Bluff, Nebraska." That's the one you want. Click on Morse Bluff.

• Use the small arrows at the bottom of the page to navigate through three pages of renderings and plans. The last page shows before and after floor plans. The upper level is on top.

MBE holeHoles are being punched and floors are being removed to open up the structure and remove the "basementy" feel of the lower lever.

MBE great room Steve Britt stands on the balcony overlooking the great room. A room and a floor were removed from the south end of the building to open it up. A fire pole will be added for quick access from the balcony to the lower level.

MBE plans
This rendering shows the future view of the lower level from the southeast corner of the building, from what is now the kitchen. A fire pole, fireplace and spiral staircase will be added. The stage on the west side of the former basement will remain.

MBE plans east
This cutaway shows plans for the eastern half of the building. The picture of the hole in the floor closer to the top of this page, next to the website instructions, will have a cylinder inserted that rises a few feet above and below the upper level floor. In the rendering directly above, this can be seen just left of the middle of the picture.

MBE lower cutaway
This cutaway shows plans for the lower level of the former school. In the long-range plans are a garage that rises naturally from the ground (top- SUVs not included) and a portico attached to the east door that leads into the kitchen.


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