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School board approves $25 student pass

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 7/22/15

The North Bend Central Board of Education met July 15 for its regular meeting and gave a first reading to a number of policies that need to be read and approved each year.

One of the policies concerned bullying and the board asked if there was bullying seen with younger students in the high school building. Superintendent Dan Endorf said that the bullying seen is always between peers, and they have not seen anything between the classes. Endorf emphasized that bullying is discussed beginning in preschool in order to prevent it.

The board spent an extended amount of time discussing food portions served to the students and the student activity fees.

It was approved by a 4 to 2 vote to raise the cost of meals five cents and look into the possibility of offering sandwiches to those not filled with the portion of food served on their tray.

After a motion to make all athletic events free to students was voted down 3 to 3, the board approved a $25 student fee where the students in kindergarten through 12th grade will get into all athletic events with a student I.D. and the $25 student fee card. There will be one athletic event per season that will be free to all students at the discretion of the Athletic Director. Adult admission remains at $50 for 15 events. Individual admission to events is set by East Husker Conference at $4 for K-12 and $5 for adults.

The board voted to pay off the bond issued in 2001 for the multipurpose room and classrooms at the elementary school early to save interest. It was due to mature in 2016.

A committee of board members met with Mike Pierson of Electronic Sound, Inc. He was the person who fixed the sound system in the new gym. The items that did not work in the new gym were left by the original contractor and will be used in the old gym, which still has much of its original 45-year-old sound system. Pierson gave an estimate of $33,859.58, that he said along with the repurposed speakers from the new gym would give NBC a much improved sound system in the “gymtorium,” the old gym, where programs are presented.

The committee that met with Pierson recommended that, “We have the right guy on board we should go through with it.”

Board member Gary Vyhlidal said “Let’s have it done for the grandparents so they can hear at the little kids programs.”

The board voted to approve the expense.

The board approved the installation of eight lights in the north parking lot of the high school for $8,400 by Gary Widhelm. Ground work in the parking lot will be done by Lux Sand and Gravel for $4,050.

In other business:
• Mike Murray and Gladys Starkey were hired as custodians.
• Amy Lloyd was hired as school nurse for 6.5 hours a day.
• Jan Eaton was hired as a cook at the high school for three hours a day.
• The board looked at long-term strategic planning update and timeframe.

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