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North Bend City Park pavilion
Except for some new paint, the pavilion in the North Bend City Park has been unchanged since its constrution in 1965.

Park pavilion set for updates

by Nathan Arneal
Published 5/13/156

Not a lot has been done to the North Bend City Park pavilion since it was built in 1965, and the city council figures it’s about time for a facelift.

Gary Rohner and Jeremy Schwanebeck of S & Sons Construction presented the council with plans for a refurbished pavilion. Plans include doors on the two entrances, roll up doors on the counter serving windows, and a new 6-foot by 7-foot roll-up garage door on the north side of the building. Ventilation fans would also be installed in each peak to keep air moving through when in use.

Currently, the pavilion is open all year long. Screen doors and windows are installed for Old Settlers weekend. With the new doors, the pavilion would be able to be closed and locked when it is not in use.

Schwanebeck said the current building would essentially be stripped down and started over.

“Basically, we’re going to strip all those walls out of there, frame them back up, sheet them inside and outside, wrap them with steel, put PVC planking in (for counters) and put the doors to shut down on top of them,” Schwanebeck said.

The current plans don’t include any screening, but city clerk Theresa Busse said screens definitely need to be included to keep flies out when food is being served.

The plans currently call for PVC planks that would be washable and replaceable for counter tops. Counters would be 32 inches wide, with half inside and half outside the building.

Councilman Tom Mullally asked Schwanebeck to look into more permanent counter tops, ones that would be resistant to carving and vandalism. He suggested building the walls out of rough-cut concrete block and topping them with poured concrete counter tops.

Schwanebeck said he will research the changes and come back to the council with an estimate.


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