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Store owners Ed and Jan Gray, far left and right, watch as a new bubble sign is placed above their restaurant. Second from right is building owner Jerry Hall.

New sign helps Gambino's celebrate 20th

by Stephanie Iwan Flamme
Published 10/28/15

Last week, Gambino’s received a face lift with a new “bubble” sign which is lit at night.

Gambino’s has been a “his and her” business for Ed and Jan Gray. Jan had opened her Gambino’s in 1994 in Scribner and Ed decided to open his own storefront in North Bend the following year. Both Grays had previously pizza experience in Fremont.

“We woke up one day and thought we should have our own store,” Jan said.

When the Grays first opened the North Bend Gambino’s in December of 1995, their building didn’t even have a sign, but it didn’t keep the customers from coming.

Before their opening, they were practicing with their 15 employees for a run-through. Their practice turned into opening day for the Gray’s new business. People coming from Saturday services at the Catholic church and after a wrestling tournament saw the lights on and what they thought were customers in the new downtown business in North Bend.

“People thought we were open for business and ready to go and came on in,” Jan Gray said.

The new business ended up serving without a trained staff and with everything still being set up.

The store is now marking 20 years serving pizza, pasta, and sandwiches to the North Bend community.

“We’ve been fortunate to be here in North Bend and having (building owners) Jerry and Cec Hall be so supportive,” Jan said. “The best part of our experience is watching our business grow and families change.”

The Grays have enjoyed working with high school students and watching them grow up and come back. They are hoping that they all make it back for the 20-year celebration that they are planning for December.

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