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Election 2016

Updated 11/10/16
11:00 a.m.

Welcome to election night 2016! All the editors of the North Bend Eagle have gathered here in the Worldwide Headquarters to bring you the latest local election numbers. Of course, the vote will not be official until approved by the canvassing board in the coming days.

Another precinct for Dodge County came in about 9:30 and did add to the North Bend school board numbers, but not the city council race. There is still one precinct outstanding in Dodge County.

As of 10:30 p.m., 6 of 19 precincts in Saunders County have reported.

A big Dodge County block came in at about 10:30, adding big numbers to both the board and council races, though not changing the race leaders. Also at 10:30, the Colfax County numbers changed, and we're not sure why, as they actually lowered. This was the first update since the polls closed in Colfax County, so there may have been an error in reporting the early/absentee votes.

As of 11 p.m., Dodge County results are now final unofficial. At 11:08, new Saunders County numbers came it. Saunders County now has 11 of 19 precincts reporting. It is unclear if any of the oustanding precincts are in the NBC district, but the numbers right now are pretty close the the 2014 vote totals, so we may have all the NBC votes in.

Also, it should be noted that Dan Wesely was re-elected to a 2-year term on the the NBC school board, which he was running for unopposed.

At midnight, Saunders County results still show just 11 of 19 precincts reporting. We talked to the Saunders election commissioner's office and they said their counting machine is down. One of the precincts not counted yet is Prague, which will likely have some NBC school board voters. They did not know when they would be up an running again. The Eagle is going to conclude its coverage for tonight and provide a final update in the morning. You can all go to bed now since there aren't any other interesting races still going on.

Wednesday update: as of 11 a.m. 18 of 19 prcincts in Saunders County have reported. The numbers added this morning, which came from Morse Bluff and Prague, after the vote counting machine was fixed did not change the order of the NBC school board vote.

North Bend Central District #595 School Board-
For three four-year-term seats:

  Dodge Co. Saunders Colfax Total
Francis Emanuel 674 204 2 880
Bob Feurer 650 170 1 821
Jay Poessnecker 485 164 3 652
Chris Armstrong 488 128 0 616
Gary Vyhlidal 355 168 3 526
Tonja Frank 223 96 0 319
Write-in 11 4 0 15

Morse Bluff Trustees - For three open seats

Karma Amison 39      
Jay Ruzicka 49      
Kevin Vyhlidal 59      
Write-in 10      

North Bend City Council - For two seats

Bart Bosco 277      
Rod Scott 271      
Lisa Voss 225      
Kirk Dolezal 172      
Write-in 0      




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