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Benders invited to find North Bend rocks

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 7/12/17

For a fun summer project Heidi Hamilton and her daughter, Jade, 10, decided to paint some rocks. Some friends told them about their “Wisner Rocks” project and they decided to start a “North Bend Rocks” in their hometown.

North Bend rockDodge County deputies made this rock and others that they are hiding around North Bend. People are invited to find the rocks and post a picture to the North Bend Rocks Facebook page.

The Hamiltons started out with 200 rocks that they painted and mod podged. They then took them around town putting them in public places and at the home of relatives initially. They put a notice on Facebook asking people to post pictures of them with rocks on Facebook.
Some other people have painted rocks and placed them around town to keep the town rockin’.

“I’ve encouraged Facebook friends to add more people from North Bend to the group,” Hamilton said. “So they are aware what’s going on and if they have kids they can participate.”
“It’s a really fun activity for the summer,” Jade said.

Jade and her mom are planning on painting more rocks.

“It’s a very relaxing activity,” said Hamilton, who is an nurse at Fremont Medical Center.

When people find rocks they are encouraged to take a photo with them and then leave them in place, rehide them or keep them.

“We just wanted people to take selfies with them to post on Facebook,” Hamilton said. She has started a Facebook page at “North Bend ROCKS!!!” for finder’s photo posting. For those not on Facebook, Hamilton said they can text them to her (402-619-6253) and she will post them.

Jade plans to paint and place more rocks. She said she still sees some of her rocks out there.

“But most of them are moved to a different spot,” Jade said.


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