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Board extends student code to summer events

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 6/21/17

The North Bend Central Board of Education heard from high school principal Brenda Petersen about updating the NBC student handbook. She and elementary principal Tessie Beaver had gone over the handbook last year and updated it in many areas, but additional needed updates came to light.

Petersen said that the code of conduct will apply to student conduct during summer break when the student is participating in events that have been designated by the high school principal or activities director as Code of Conduct events even when the summer event is not school sponsored. For example, at a convention or sports camp.

“Our student athletes are good kids,” Petersen said, “but we need to have a policy.”

The board approved the policy changes.

The board approved by a vote of three to two with one abstention allowing preschoolers to ride on school busses for a one-year trial. Routes will not be lengthened for the sake of a preschooler. There will be no charge for preschoolers to ride, and they will be able to ride morning or afternoon routes.

The board also voted to request bids for cameras in the busses.

The board reviewed changes in the school lunch program. The price of lunches will increase five cents. The board also updated the policy for collection for charged meals.

Beaver presented information on the After School Program held for the first time last school year. There were 39 students enrolled in the program with daily attendance ranging from 22 to 34. Beaver reported a lot of positive parent interactions, the emergence of student leadership and classroom teachers thinking the program was awesome. The board approved the continuation of the program.

The board approved a temporary Early Retirement Incentive Program to be offered in the 2017-2018 school year. There are eight teachers eligible for the program.

A change in the school calendar was made to hold school the Monday after Easter. This was deemed necessary with the juniors talking the ACT test the next day on Tuesday, April 3.

The next meeting will be July 10 at 7:30 p.m. at the elementary media center.


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