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Vet Park statue damage

Statue suffers wound

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 10/4/17

The statue of five military men that is the center of the North Bend Area Veteran’s Park has been wounded. A strap on the lead soldier’s gun has been separated from the butt of the rifle. It is now being held in place by wire.

Since it was put in place in 2005 the park has suffered little from vandalism. But within the last year, it has twice be the victim of what some must think is fun.
Veteran’s Park committee chairman Doug Wamberg said that last year the whole sling on the rifle was torn off. They had it repaired by Roch Emanuel of Emanuel Welding, Inc.

In July it was noticed that the strap was not connected to the butt of the rifle. Wamberg went to the park and using copper wire put the strap in place. The committee plans to have it permanently fixed soon.

“I’m sure it was not done on purpose,” Wamberg said. “It just something that happened.”

Wamberg said that the neighbors watch the park. He has been to talk to everyone and given his phone number so if they see something suspicious going on they can call him.

“I don’t want to see it happen again,” Wamberg said. “But it goes with the territory. I want to see people respect the statues and the park. It’s a sacred place to have in our town. A place to go, sit and think about loved ones.”

Wamberg said that they like to get kids involved so that they know what the park is all about.

“It’s their park,” Wamberg said. “Not just the veterans. It belongs to all the people. It’s a community place.”


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