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Downtown North Bend detourDowntown Detour: Main Street North Bend still serves two lanes of traffic, but those lanes have been shifted to the west while sewer work is being done on the east side. Southbound traffic is being directed through the parking spaces, so parking is not allowed on Main Street while work is being done.

Main Street sewer work preventing parking

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 10/18/17

North Bend city clerk Theresa Busse made the rounds last Wednesday to tell businesses in the two blocks of downtown North Bend that there will be no parking on those two blocks of Main Street for a while.

The rain can be blamed for this inconvenience.

Main Street is a state highway, and the state says there cannot be detours off a highway, so the flow of traffic must continue. That means that as the needed sewer repairs are done, the two lanes of Highway 79 traffic will be pushed to the west side of the street and pass through the parking spaces.

“It’s going to be a mess,” Busse said.

There will be parking spaces on 8th Street along the north side of the auditorium or along 7th Street that patrons can use.

This change began Oct. 13. Cones, signs and barricades will mark the area where there will no parking allowed. Busse said these will be removed when the Obrist workers are not present.

Obrist Construction has been working on the alley south of Lodl’s Construction and diverting the sewer at a new opening north of Red Brick Hair Chix. But because of all the rain, they have had problems with not only the water from the sky, but also from below with the high water table.

Progress on 11th Street, where the bricks have been removed and the street awaits paving, is also at a standstill for Gehring Construction.

“They are caught between a rock and a hard place,” Busse said. “They have spent numerous hours pumping water from the area following each rain. The ground has been worked, but the more they work the dirt the worse it gets as it ends up bringing up the ground water.”

The sewer main project has an Oct. 31 deadline, but the weather is dictating the work schedule. The street project’s deadline is Oct. 23, with Gehring asking for a two week extension due to weather issues.


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