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NBC Homecoming
Peter Emanuel and Brooke Fredrickson were crowed king and queen of 2017 NBC Homecoming.

Throne of kingdom remains secure

by Nathan Arneal
Published 9/13/17

For years there have been whispers. As 10 seniors of North Bend Central battled for the Iron Water Throne, the omens have become undeniable: Autumn is Coming.

Among the chaos, one couple has risen above to seize the Throne and unite the Seven Districts into one Central Kingdom.

Coronated Friday night was a knight of one of the most populous clans of the northern regions: King Peter Emanuel, Second of His Name, Defender of the Flats, Lord of the Seven Districts, Lead Leg of Relays and the One True King.

Ruling by his side will be the cabinetmaker’s daughter, Queen Brooke Fredrickson, First of Her Name, Smasher of Sets, Lady of the Post and Thrower of Weights.

Winning the Iron Water Crown does not necessarily mean the War of the Seven Districts is over, as Wildlings still encroach from the North.

And with autumn came whispers of another threat, long rumored, yet dismissed as myth, even by the new royal couple.

“Purple tigers don’t exist,” Queen Brooke said. The King was quick to agree.
“Purple tigers are just an imaginary animal,” Emanuel said. “The black and orange tiger is a symbol for the King of Beasts.”

Yet, the myths were not myths. With a rush of seasonably mild winds, down the King’s 79th Highway swept the Purple Walkers from the north. They marched past the ruins Websterfell, once an Emanuel stronghold, through the Creeklands of Maple until they were finally met by knights of the realm under the banner of the True Black and Orange Tigers on the field of battle.

The Purple Walkers were dispatched without mercy, exiled back to Tekamah, and there was much celebration and dancing in the Seven Districts.

The war was won, but challenges remain. Emanuel is ready to tackle the candy shortages brought by the war.

“It doesn’t seem like the amount of sweets coming into the kingdom is being given out to the people,” he said. “We might have to find out if the crooks, sellswords and or the elders are hoarding them for themselves.”

Queen Fredrickson admitted to bribing voters with cupcakes, but if the potion in them wears off, she hopes to distract them with preparations for the looming autumn.

“We need to wear warmer clothes,” she said, “and stoke the fires of the school’s furnace more.”

Emanuel is already thinking about his legacy.

“I will be a generous leader who listens to the people, fights for the people,” he said, “and most importantly makes sure the people have plenty of delicious food and also make sure that Ms. Redel’s room isn’t too freezing.”

Queen Fredrickson is the daughter of Kent and Jeanne Fredrickson of North Bend. She participates in NB Club, Close-Up, volleyball, basketball and track.

King Emanuel is the son of Francis and Carol Emanuel of North Bend. He is the senior class president and participates in FFA, NB Club, Spanish Club, football, basketball and track.


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