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Work on 10th St.
Workers from Kohl Construction remove concrete curbs, gutters and driveway approaches on West 10th. The previous brick street will be paved with concrete.

Street, sewer improvements continue with dry weather

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 9/20/17

Main Street in North Bend was paved with bricks in 1919. It was not until 1979 that the bricks on Main Street (from Highway 30 to 8th Street) were replaced with concrete. Sometime after 1919 the side streets in North Bend were bricked. Now, in 2017, they too are being replaced with concrete, most of them at least.

S&Sons removed the bricks and now Kohl Construction is preparing the road bed for the concrete on four blocks of West 10th Street. The street will be the same size as before, but they are having to take concrete driveway approaches out because the machine that makes the curbs and gutters requires extra room.

All mail boxes will have to be moved for a time and the nine houses with underground sprinklers will also lose those.

“They will all be replaced when the construction is done,” city clerk Theresa Busse said, as will the grass and concrete driveways.

Busse said that the four blocks on 10th Street from Main Street to Walnut Street will be the second project this year as East 11th from Main Street to Locust was replaced last month. It joins the two blocks by the park and elementary school to make four bocks of new concrete on 11th. Busse said the construction is scheduled to take four weeks, depending on the weather.
In another project, the sewer main on the west side of Main Street will be replaced starting Sept. 18.

“All the sewers were jetted and cleaned out,” Busse said. “They put TV cameras down there to examine the sewers. The area downtown was the worst of everything.”

The west lane of Main St. will be closed from the manhole north of the NAPA building to the manhole north of the Platte Valley Bank parking lot. The area south of Seventh Street is the only part that will be torn up, but the manhole by the north alley will be shut off to divert the sewage.

There will be no parking on the west side of Main Street in this area. The plan is to divert truck traffic two blocks west to decrease the traffic in the area. The work is to be finished by Oct. 2, weather providing.

After the Main Street sewer main is replaced, the sewer line south of Lodl’s Cabinetry will be replaced, but it should not interfere with Main Street traffic.

“There is no cost to the people,” Busse said. “The city is paying 100 percent of both projects.”


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