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North Bend recieves $60,000 for flood relief

by Stephanie Iwan Flamme
Published 8/21/19

Director of Catholic Social Services of Southern Nebraska Rev. Justin Fulton a presented a $20,000 check to the North Bend City Fund and $40,000 to the North Bend Area Community Foundation Flood Relief Committee to help alleviate some of the unmet needs and expenses brought about by the March floods.

“We stand with you in solidarity,” Fulton said. “We are keeping you in our prayers and sincerely hope this gift can help provide some peace and stability.”

Mayor Dean Lux, council president Rod Scott and city clerk Theresa Busse described some of the challenges that the community has had to overcome since the flood.

“The city has spent $127,000 just to remove 532 tons of trash not including appliances,” Busse said.

Funding for the presentation came from donations from 136 Catholic parishes in the Lincoln Diocese, which runs south of the Platte River from Colorado to Iowa.

“North Bend was the object of other people’s love,” Fulton said,
“and we also received donations to help from Texas to Alaska to Washington D.C.”

Since most of the flood relief funds previously received have begun to run out, the donations to the two groups was a welcome addition.

Deanna Wolf, Tom Wolf, Pat Beebe, Duane Ellermier, Cec Hall, Sandy Vosler, and Jim Havelka, members of the North Bend Area Community Foundation Flood Relief Committee, explained to Fulton the trials many residents have had to overcome since the flood.

“Everyone in town was affected,” Ellermeier said, “even those who didn’t have water in their house.”
Lux described how a lot of the roads were washed out in the area and that the infrastructure is still being worked on.

“Lots of people didn’t apply for funds because they thought others needed it more,” Beebe said. “We are hoping the funds received today will be able to help them.”

After the flood, people were in shock, and tears came very easily, Deanna Wolf explained.

Fulton also reminded the groups that Catholic Social Services located in Lincoln has counseling services available to help victims in the long term especially as they come up to the holidays when things begin to bother people more.

“We weren’t here immediately after the flood,” Fulton said, “but we wanted to take a marathon approach being able to help people who may need it the most.”

In addition, Catholic Social Services will still be able to help those in need who are still struggling to get back on both feet since the flood. They have raised $550,000 which will be available for individual grants.

Families would need to complete an application which would then be reviewed. Grants would then be awarded depending upon need and severity. Grant applications are available online at

“We are distributing grant dollars to families who lost significant amounts and have unmet needs,” Fulton said. “We want you to know that others outside your community care.”

These funds will help out North Bend area residents with a special focus on those who have uncovered flood related losses and who have not received flood relief assistance. Documentation of uncovered losses with as much detail as possible will help the flood relief committee with grant-making decisions.

Applications are available at the North Bend Eagle, Platte Valley Bank and online at the NBACF Facebook page and the NBACF website that goes through the Fremont Area Community Foundation, click on NBSCF under affiliates funds.

The deadline to return the application is Sept. 20. to to NBACF, attention Deanna Wolf, Platte Valley Bank, P.O. Box 500, North Bend, NE 68649.



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