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NBC history mural
A new history mural occupies the wall where athletic records used to be displayed at the high school. It was installed three days before North Bend Central schools started, and the public can come see it anytime school is open.

Mural tells acadmic history of area schools in timeline

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 8/28/19

North Bend Central has had some much needed updates lately, making the 40-plus-year-old building ready for the next 40-plus years. The history of North Bend’s education of the youth of the community remains important. This importance is highlighted in a new addition at the high school, a mural showing a timeline of education in the area.

Superintendent Dan Endorf saw a similar mural at Wayne High School when he was there for a basketball game. He talked to the Wayne superintendent about how and why they did their mural.

“I thought it would be a great fit for North Bend because we have such a proud academic tradition and history,” Endorf said.

Endorf got the name of the company that Wayne had worked with and contacted them. For design, he contacted Eagle publisher Nathan Arneal.

“Nathan is the community historian,” Endorf said. “He has a wealth of information, so he was the first person to come to mind.”

Arneal liked the idea. He too had noticed murals at other schools and thought North Bend could use one.

“It was right up my alley, the history and research that went into it,” Arneal said. “I’d seen some similar ones at different schools, and I’d always spent a bunch of time reading through the displays of these schools I had no connection with, but I still find that kind of history interesting. I thought it would be really neat if we could have one at our own school.”

Endorf asked Arneal for some research and Arneal started putting the timeline together on his own.

“I didn’t know this was going to be the final version,” Arneal said. “The more time I invested in (the timeline), it kind of evolved into what you now see on the wall.”

Arneal included a map that shows all the former school districts in Dodge and Saunders County that are now a part of NBC.

“Everyone can find their country school even if it closed down a long time ago,” Arneal said. “It really shows the heritage of the whole area that ended up uniting to form North Bend Central.”

Others had input in the process.


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