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Medicine Man approved for liquor license

by Nathan Arneal
Published 1/9/19

The Jan. 2 North Bend City Council meeting started with a public hearing on the application of a liquor license for Medicine Man Pharmacy.

Mitch Staiger of Medicine Man was there to explain that adding package beer and liquor sales will be part of a larger remodel of the Main Street business. They plan to update and refurbish the interior of their store as well.

Staiger said Medicine Man’s Omaha location already sells beer and liquor, and they hope to follow suit at their North Bend location.

“Last summer we helped obtain and procure for the FFA Old Settlers wine and beer tasting,” Staiger said. “We helped them bring in some different stuff and we kind of did that as a gage on how it would go if we were to do package liquor, and that’s the direction we chose to go.”

Staiger said they will offer a wide variety of beverages and respond to customer requests as well.

“So someone can say, ‘Hey, can you try this?’ or maybe we’ll have some rotating seasonal stuff, too,” he said.

The Class D liquor license Medicine Man applied for allows the sale of liquor and beer in original packages only for consumption off the premises.

Staiger said the pharmacy does not plan to change its hours of operation after obtaining the license.

After the hearing closed, the council approved Medicine Man’s liquor license application.


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