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Board, faculty proud of NBC culture

Mary Le Arneal
Published 6/19/19

The North Bend Central Board of Education met June 11 at NBC and spent some time discussing the ‘culture’ at NBC.

“When you have good culture, it carries over everywhere,” activities director Tony Allgood said. “Success breeds success. There are expectations that go along with success. Kids know expectations aren’t just in (weight room), it’s in the classroom, too.”

The board reviewed parent and family involvement, attendance and bullying policies. Both the elementary and high school principals thought bullying was not a real problem this past year. A speaker on cyber bullying came at the first of the year, and they plan to have someone speak again. On the school website, there is an area explaining what every teachers is doing for anti-bullying.

Elementary principal Tessie Beaver spoke to the board about elementary students grading. It seems that there are a variation of methods to figure out grades. Beaver is looking at a Marzano method that will separate performance from actual academic grades.

Principal Brenda Petersen said that in discussing the rules, guidelines, procedures for the upcoming drug testing with a lawyer who works with larger schools, he suggested some things she didn’t think were needed at a school NBC’s size. She is going to speak with a lawyer who deals with smaller schools to get her suggestions.

A policy on the drug testing was reviewed, but Petersen, following the lawyer’s suggestion, thought the board policy should be vague, while in the handbook there will be more about procedure.

Petersen and Allgood both emphasized that first-time positive tests will be treated in the same manner as violations of drug and alcohol provision in the student handbook.

“Our goal is to help our kids,” Allgood said. “Kids make mistakes. First time, we’re going to help you. Where you go from there is important.”

The board reviewed the Safety Committee meeting which included the report from Ed Johnson, exterior safety examiner. He gave the schools very high marks, even compliments. One of his recommendations was to update the emergency fire and tornado exit routes postings in each classroom. The board approved spending $1,625 for the updated, easier to read maps showing necessary exit routes and equipment locations.

Summer needs were reviewed with a number of them already completed. Allgood spoke about athletic facilities, saying the wall mats in Tiger Arena need to be replaces. He will look for funding elsewhere.
Allgood commended the coaches and the culture that has been built in the weight room, describing it as “awesome.”


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