The North Bend Eagle


Donation funds set up

Published 3/27/19

Several funds have been set up to receive monetary donations that will directly support the North Bend community as it recovers from flood damage. They are:

City Fund to help cover the city’s flood-related expenses. May a check payable to “City of North Bend” with “2019 Flood” in the memo. Checks can be sent to Platte Valley Bank, PO Box 500, North Bend, 68649.

NBC Flood Response Fund will go directly to assist students and staff at the schools with their needs and activities. Checks can be made to “NBC Flood Response Fund” and be sent to the high school at PO Box 160, North Bend, 68649.

North Bend Volunteer Fire Department Fund will support the local fire department. Money will be collected at the fire hall, 140 W 7th St., North Bend, 68649.

North Bend Historic Flood Disaster Relief Fund will help displaced families rebuild their homes and purchase essentials. Make a check to “North Bend Historic Flood Disaster Relief Fund” and send it to Platte Valley Bank.


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