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North Bend mayor Lux passes away

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 10/16/19

Dean Lux had a lifetime of public service. He served his country in the military, in the county, on the fire department, on many boards and, most recently, served his community as mayor of North Bend.
Lux passed away last Wednesday at the age of 85.

Mayor oath
Dean Lux was sworn in as North Bend’s 44th mayor. City clerk Thersa Busse, right, holds the Bible at the Dec. 4, 2018, ceremony. He served as mayor for just more than 10 months.

Lux was sworn in as North Bend’s mayor on Dec. 4, 2018, with 11 friends and family members observing. He was known to crack a joke or two or three during council meetings and had a nickname seemingly for everyone.

“He worked in the public eye his whole life,” city clerk Theresa Busse said. “He felt right at home being the mayor of our community.”

Busse said he was good to work with and always treated her well.

According to state statutes, when a vacancy occurs in the mayor’s office, there is a transfer of title with the president of the city council automatically becoming mayor. The new mayor, with the council’s approval, will then appoint someone to fill the vacated council seat.

North Bend’s city council president, and now new mayor of North Bend, is Rod Scott. He has served on the city council since 2016, with this term due to expire in 2020. He will now take Lux’s office with three years and two months left in his term.

“This type of job it’s nice to work yourself into,” Scott said. “I’ve been on the council a few years now. I have a good council to work with so that makes it easy. They like to do stuff and have good ideas.”

Scott, 70, has lived in the area all his life, moved into town 13 years ago. He continues to farm northwest of town. He served as interim mayor during the flood in March while Lux was in the hospital before Lux was able to resume mayoral duties.

“I got a taste of it (mayor’s job) during the flood,” Scott said. “I had an idea it’d come to this, but hoped it would never come. Life moves on. I enjoyed serving with Dean. All his experience was good. He had a good sense of humor.”

As Scott looks forward he sees a busy time.

“We have our hands full now with flood recovery, dikes, and getting the city fixed,” he said.

Scott also gives credit to Theresa Busse for helping with the position.

“Shes a huge help,” Scott said. “She’s been there a long time, is a wealth of information.”

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