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Borad mulls over football class move

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 10/23/19

At the October 14 meeting of the North Bend Central Board of Education, quite a bit of time was spent mulling over the classification of the football team for the 2020 and 2021 seasons.

The classification for the next two years is determined by the number of boys in grades 9 through 11 in September of the school year. North Bend Central had 67 boys in that category two years ago and was placed in Class C2 for the current two-year cycle. The maximum for Class C2 is 69 boys in grades 9 to 11.

This year there are 71 boys in grades 9 to 11, placing NBC in the Class C1 with schools that have 70 to 159 boys in the counted grades. By Nov. 30 the school must submit their declaration of participation for the 2020 and 2021 seasons.

There are two options: stay in C2 and be ineligible for playoffs or move up to C1 where they will be playing larger schools, but will be eligible for playoffs. As it looks now, NBC will have fewer boys in 2021 and be eligible for the C2 playoffs in ‘21 should it choose that route.

“This is nothing more than an opportunity for us,” superintendent Dan Endorf said. “Ten years ago the state told you how the teams would be classified. Today schools have the opportunity to decide locally.”

Endorf presented listings of schools in each class and talked about schools who were also faced with the same decision and probable actions they may take.

Board member Justin Taylor made said the team’s goal this year was to “raise the bar, not lower the bar.” He, as well as the other board members, would like to hear from the coaches on the subject at the next board meeting Nov. 11.

The board spent time discussing the future of the Birchwood Manor property. It was decided to advance with the demolition of the building. Four bids were received with a bid of $75,750 from Allan Kassmeier accepted. He will begin as soon as asbestos is removed.

Two bids were received for asbestos removal. McGill Asbestos Abatement LLC received the bid for $50,430. McGill stated that he can get to the project right away.

The board reviewed the exit report from the accreditation team that visited the school Oct. 6-8. One of its general findings was “The team found a strong, positive culture throughout the visit with a sense of the school community being family, where strong relations and support of others is prevalent.”

In other business the board:
• examined the cost of the driver’s education and decided to continue offering it.
• reviewed the academic calendar for 2020-2021 school year. They will get input from faculty before deciding.
• heard about multicultural activities.
• hired Karen Kavan as a para professional.
The next meeting is Nov. 11 at 7 p.m. at NBC.


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