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North Bend dike
The river dike about a mile southwest of North Bend continues to be a challenge with every rise in the river. The dike at this spot had 90 yards of dry ground separating it from the river before the flood. Now, the river rubs up against it causing erosion.

Worn dike still holding up... for now

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 9/4/19

The Platte River dike southwest of North Bend that has been weakened since the March flood continues be a point of concern.

Last Tuesday the National Weather Service in Omaha released a bulletin: “Heads up to those along the Platte River near North Bend, there could be some minor flooding right along the bank of the river tonight. It’s near crest now, around 7.4 feet. Flood stage is 8.0 feet. Slow fall through Wednesday.”

City councilman Ken Streff has kept a eye on the dike since March.

“It was down to four feet by Sunday evening,” Streff said. “We lost maybe six inches (of dike) off the one weak spot. The water had another two and a half feet to go before it was over the levy.”

Streff said there was some lowland flooding at McGinn’s Lake but it is currently no threat to North Bend.

Streff said the city is looking at options to repair the dike before spring. He said there was nothing official on that yet, but it will be discussed at this week’s city council meeting.

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