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Ames dike
Work on the Ames dike that failed during the 2019 flooding east of Legge’s Lake began in mid-March. Flood sand deposited on adjacent farm ground was being used to fill the gap in the dike. Above, a dirt scraper gathers sand near a pivot buried in sand from the flood.

Program looks to buy, eleveate flood-damaged properties

Published 4/8/20

FREMONT – Because of the recent 2019 floods, FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant funds have become available for participation in a voluntary FEMA Hazard Mitigation Property Acquisition and Construction program. The program is open to owners of homes and businesses in Dodge County outside of the city limits of any town.

“The intent behind the project is to reduce future losses and increase safety of residents within the county,” Dodge County Emergency Management Director Tom Smith said.

Smith explained that there are two parts to the program. The Property Acquisition Program partners with Natural Resource Districts to buy flood-damaged properties that homeowners can’t sell because they are located in a flood-prone location. The properties would be turned into green spaces.
The second part, the Construction Program, assists homeowners in elevating their homes above the flood plain.

Any property affected by the 2019 floods may be eligible for the project. The grant program is a 75% FEMA and 25% local cost share. County officials feel strongly that this program will help mitigate future flood damage and encourage participation in this voluntary program.

Dodge County has contracted with JEO Consulting Group to assist with the overall sub-grant project management and interface with the homeowners throughout the project implementation process.
Letters and Statements of Voluntary Interest Forms have been sent to property owners affected by the 2019 flooding. Voluntary Interest Forms need to be submitted to the Dodge County Emergency Management Office by April 15. If you did not receive a letter or form you may call 402-727-2785 or e-mail at to request an Interest Form to be mailed to you.

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