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NBC board takes steps to be proactive with COVID-19 as year begins

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 8/19/20

The North Bend Central Board of Education had an audience at its Aug. 10 meeting held in the old gym for social distancing.

Lindsey Cork from Three Rivers Public Health Department spoke to the gathering about dealing with COVID-19. She gave a handout of how the virus spreads, what to expect if there is a positive case at NBC and general information.

She said there were three positive cases in three schools this summer, including NBC. The positives in the other two school resulted in quarantines of eight and two people, but at NBC, because the weight room coaches were keeping the students six feet apart, no one had to be quarantined.

Cork said because of the size of the facilities, NBC is able to social distance, much to its advantage.

Ken Streff spoke to the board representing teachers and coaches saying they support what is gong on.

“We want to make it very clear we don’t want to do e-learning,” Streff said. “That is a lot of work we don’t know if it paid off.”

Three patrons spoke to the board encouraging that they make the wearing of masks mandatory for all NBC students. Katie Pospisil, Nicole Ruzicka and Sara Bishop gave examples in their workplaces where mask mandates have made a difference in decreasing the number of COVID-19 cases.

School nurse Megan Brokaw, R.N., spoke to the board on protocol in dealings with students diagnosed with COVID-19 and those presenting symptoms while at school. Both facilities have designated a room where the student would be isolated until parents can pick them up. Students will be evaluated as to other possible conditions that might be causing the health problems.

When a student is home they can have their work sent home. Online video attendance through Zoom will be available if requested.

Board president Dan Wesely commended the administration, faculty and staff on all the had work going into “recreating our school.”

Board member Bob Feurer presented an assessment document to go along with the Risk Dial previously discussed. The schools will be assessed weekly and the Risk Dial set accordingly.

“We’re being proactive,” Feurer said. “We’re not waiting for something to happen.”
The board approved the purchase of Fotric temperature screening imager at $4,800 each. These will check everyone’s body temperature as they enter the buildings without them having to stop. Board member recommended using the CARES Act money to purchase four of these imagers as “another line of defense.” The purchase was approved 3 to 1.

The board also looked at air purifiers but wanted more information before purchasing any.

The board discussed the activities department protocol. NSAA has approved opening fall sports season as scheduled. When going to an away event or game, the host school protocol will be followed, this information will be on the school website.

High school principal Brenda Petersen said they are looking into bringing in bleaches for the south side of the football field for use of visitors.

As for transporting students to activities, unless there can be social distancing of six feet or more, masks will be required. On the daily routes there will be assigned seats and, again, masks will be required if the social distancing is not available. At the end of the school day, students will be dismissed by their respective buses.

Some teachers have asked about requiring masks in certain situations where they felt distancing was not productive, they gave the example of teaching reading to beginning learners and science experiments. The board gave principals the role to decide when masks would be required.

Streff spoke to the board about the purchase of new mats for the wrestling room to replace the 25-plus-year-old mats in poor condition. The board approved replacing all the mats at a cost of $28,310.38.
The next board meeting will be held Sept. 14 at 7:30 p.m.


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