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City, county nearing law enforcement deal with county
(Update: Deal agreed upon)

by Nathan Arneal
Published 8/26/20

The City of North Bend is getting close to striking a deal with Dodge County for law enforcement services.

North Bend has been without a formal contract for sheriff services since the previous contract expired Oct. 1, 2019. At that time, the county requested a 14% increase over the previous contract. That would have made the annual cost of the contract $85,000, approximately one-fourth of North Bend’s city budget.

The council thought that price was too steep, saying it should be entitled to the sheriff protection it was receiving as Dodge County taxpayers anyway. The council said the contract was for services above and beyond regular county policing, such as enforcement of city ordinances, and North Bend was not receiving those services.

At the Aug. 18 city council meeting, the council reviewed a contract with some revisions made by city attorney Tommy Thomsen.

The contract sets the annual fee at $45,122, a reduction by nearly half of the previous fee. It is to cover 25 hours of law enforcement services per week. Those services are to be within the city limits of North Bend. Previously, the sheriff’s department counted anything within a several mile radius of town as being in North Bend.

Another sticking point in the previous contact was the language that the services provided “may” include enforcement of the municipal ordinances of the city of North Bend. The city council wanted that changed to “shall” include the enforcement of city ordinances.

Councilman Alex Legge, who along with mayor Rod Scott has been participating in discussion with the Dodge County Board during this process, said the county would not budge on the “may” wording.

The city council passed a resolution 4-0 to approve the contract as amended. The contract will next be sent to the County Board of Supervisors for its approval. If it is approved by the county Aug. 26, it would go into effect Sept. 1.


Aug. 26 Update: The Dodge County Board of Supervisors did approve the contract between North Bend the county for sheriff services at its Aug. 26 meeting.



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