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Expressway opening delayed till spring

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 12/9/20

Nebraska Department of Transportation project manager for the Rogers to North Bend expressway Mick Jacobs was contemplating opening up the west side (to Highway 79) portion of the expressway. As reported in last week’s Eagle, stop signs were put up at the Highway 30-Highway 79 intersection “in anticipation of the opening of the west bound lanes west of Highway 79 in the coming weeks.”

By Dec. 1 the stop signs were gone. Jacobs said that although work continues on the Rogers to North Bend project, circumstances beyond their control will prevent them from opening any additional sections of the project in the near future.

“That being said,” Jacobs said, “the stop signs recently installed on both north and south bound Hwy 79 in preparation of an opening, will be removed and replaced with dip signs.”

Jacobs went on to say there are multiple factors that contributed to the delay in opening the west bound lanes.

“A combination of wet conditions, temperatures and material shortages did not allow work to proceed to the point we had hoped,” Jacobs said. “These factors will delay any additional openings until next spring.”

He reassured Eagle readers that there are no problems with the roadway itself.

For the most part, all lanes are open from the Colfax-Dodge county line to County Road 3 (which is 4 miles west of North Bend). There is a lane drop in the east bound roadway between County Road 3 and the new bridges east of there. Highway 30 traffic continues to use the existing roadway from that point eastward.

“There are quite a few locations where the new expressway intersects existing county roads which have been completed, however there are a few which will be completed next spring,” Jacobs said. “Right now, the contractor is hoping to re-start work on the project as soon as possible next spring, and they are eager to complete their work as soon as possible.”


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