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Lynda Cerny serves up a chocolate caramel frappe at her new store on Main Street North Bend. Florals and Finds offers coffee, flowers, clothing and more.

Florals and Finds to offer customers more than flowers

by Nathan Arneal
Posted 7/22/20

It’s been a long, winding road, but Lynda Cerny is finally where she wants to be.

Florals and Finds opened late last month on the west side of North Bend’s Main Street in the space previously occupied by Brabec Supply/NAPA in a building built in 1891.

“I’ve always loved this location,” Cerny said. “I love the building. It’s just the nostalgia of it. I love the tin ceilings.”

The store is new, but she is no newcomer to the floral game.

Cerny ran a florist and gift shop in North Bend from 2011 to 2014 before moving her business to an acreage she and husband Tom lived on a couple miles east of town.

She operated there until 2018 when she went back to working in long-term health care full time, but she continued to do flowers on the side and still fell the pull to decorate.

“It seemed that wherever I went I was still always decorating,” Cerny said. “At the nursing homes I brought all kinds of stuff to decorate for all the holidays, decorating residents rooms.”

She and Tom and their three boys moved back into town in June 2019. Both Lynda and Tom were working out of town at the time, but Lynda kept doing flowers on the side, though she didn’t have the storage space or supply to do much more than that. So she started thinking about opening a store again and started looking in earnest in January.

They looked at a few different locations around North Bend, even cold-calling a couple of property owners with vacant buildings before landing at 722 Main Street.

The Cernys signed a lease agreement April 1, just a couple of weeks into the coronavirus pandemic. It may have been poor timing to open a business, but Lynda dove into what she does best, fixing up the store and making it look good.

She also thought it would be smart to diversify.

“I told Tom we probably need to do something more than just flowers or it’s probably not going to work,” Lynda Cerny said.

She had been kicking around the idea of doing a coffee shop, something several people had suggested to her. She investigated the idea and found that startup costs were quite expensive.

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