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40 percent of nuisances cleaned up

by Nathan Arneal
Published 7/29/20

The North Bend Board of Health made another tour of town July 14, checking in on the properties that were sent letters asking that they clean up nuisances.

At the July 21 council meeting, several city councilmen reported fielding phone calls from people asking why they were being picked on when there are other examples in town just as bad. The council members said in most cases the examples cited by the caller also received a letter.

“We’re trying to explain to them, hey, we’re just trying to clean the whole town up, and it gets catchy,” councilman Bart Bosco said. “We’re not picking on you. We’re trying to clean the whole town up.”

The initial tour on June 11 resulted in 79 letters being sent out asking residents clean up everything from overgrown weeds, piles of debris and branches to unlicensed or inoperable vehicles.

After the second tour, the Board crossed off 32 properties as having satisfactorily rectified the nuisance, 40 percent of the original list.

The majority of the remaining properties will be officially declared nuisances by a resolution of the city council at its Aug. 4 meeting. Those addresses will be published to start the process that can result in the property owner being fined. Some of the nuisances that were deemed to be simple, quick fixes were not added to the resolution, but they could be added before the next meeting if not rectified.

The second tour by the board of health also resulted in 33 new notifications being sent out. Those properties will have 30 days to clean up the problem before they can be officially declared a nuisance.



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