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Hwy 30
Two lanes of the Highway 30 expressway now extend to this spot about a half mile west of Highway 79. Funding delays brought on by flooding and COVID-19 are pushing the completion date to 2025 or 2026..

Concrete coming, dealys ahead

by Nathan Arneal
Published 7/29/20

The four-lane Highway 30 expressways continues to grow toward the east, with two lanes of pavement now reaching to County Road 7, about half a mile west of Highway 79.

The current project runs from Rogers to County Road 11 – 3.5 miles east of Highway 79 – and is on schedule for completion in June 2021.

However, the next phase of the project, the 10.7 miles from Road 11 on to Fremont, will be delayed by about two years because of a reduction of funding brought on by the 2019 flooding and the COVID-19 situation.

Nebraska Department of Transportation District Engineer Tim Weander said last year’s flooding cost the NDOT $40 million of unplanned expenses it was not reimbursed for by the federal government.
Then COVID-19 hit. Gas consumption, and the gas taxes that go to NDOT, fell by 40 percent, Weander said. Car sales and resulting sales tax and licensing fees were also down. These factors reduced NDOT revenues by $17 million.

“Based on those funding issues, we had to make some hard choices across the state on what we can build and what we can’t build,” Weander said.

Priority was put on maintaining and repairing existing roads, with many new construction projects put on the back burner.

That includes the $80 million it will take to finish the expressway from North Bend to Fremont.

“We are committed to completing this corridor as an expressway,” Weander said. “We’re just trying to determine how we can do it.”

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