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Council sees letters as a freiendly reminder to clean up

by Nathan Arneal
Published 6/10/20

The North Bend City Council wants to see a more tidy North Bend, and it is taking steps toward that end.

The North Bend Board of Health met June 1 to tour town and document nuisances and ordinance violations. It turned in 75 violations to the city council, which will then send out letters to the violators requesting the nuisances be cleaned up.

Council president Bart Bosco, a member of the Board of Health, said the effort was in response to citizens’ complaints, especially since the 2019 flood.

“This was spurred due to many residents saying the town is looking nasty,” Bosco said.

The violations include everything from unmowed weeds, dead trees and piles of debris to inoperable and unlicensed vehicles and construction projects uncompleted after more than a year. Nuisances are defined in section 174.10 of the city code, which can be found on the City Hall page of Anything that tends to reduce the value of surrounding property is also defined as a nuisance.

Members of the council expect the letters will rectify a large majority of the issues.

“You just get so used to seeing it to where you don’t see it,” Bosco said. “So this is bringing it to their attention to try to get it cleaned up. I even have a couple of my own properties that fall under here. There are things that you just put off. Hopefully it will just get contagious. If a few people start cleaning up in the neighborhood, hopefully others will do it as well.”

If someone feels they received a letter unjustly, he or she can request a hearing with the city council.
For any nuisance violations not remedied, state and city statutes allow for the city to abate the nuisance and charge the expenses to the violator, or to levy a fine of up to $500 a day.

“No one really wants to go in and fine anybody,” Bosco said. “That would be a last ditch effort. A lot of those (letters) are just reminding them, hey, it’s time to clean up.”


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