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Morse Bluff towers
Workers from Gerard Tank and Steel in Concordia, Kansas, weld the top half of the new standpipe water tower in place south of Morse Bluff. The old tank, right, will be removed.

Bluff water tower gets lofty upgrade

by Nathan Arneal
Published 6/24/20

The Morse Bluff skyline just got a towering addition.

Welding tankA welder secures the upper half of the 40,000-gallon water tower.

On Thursday, the top half of a new standpipe water tower was erected atop the bluff overlooking Morse Bluff. At 75 feet tall, it stands above the tree line making it visible for more than a mile in any direction.

The new tower stands beside the water tank it will replace. The old water tank was less than half as tall but much wider. There was a time when the old tank, which is emblazoned with the words “Morse Bluff” on its side, was visible to drivers approaching the village from the south on Highway 79.

However, over the years the paint has faded and trees partially obscured the tank. The new tower will have no such issues as it rises above the tree line. It will eventually be painted with the words “Morse Bluff” vertically on the south side. The plan was to do the same on the north side, but village clerk Kathy Mensik said that plan may be revisited if the words cannot be read at the distance they can be seen from.

Of course, increased visibility is just a side benefit of the new tower, which is part of several improvements being made to the Morse Bluff water system. With a capacity of 40,000 gallons, the new tower is slightly smaller than the old tank, but its vertical design will increase water pressure.

Mensik said water pressure has always been fine in town, but the new tower will improve water pressure to homes built higher on the bluff. When the new tower comes online later this year, the old water tank, built in 1979, will be dismantled and removed.


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