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COVID-19 Headquarters

COVID-19 case numbers and hospital vacancy for Nebraska:

Deaths Hosp.
Dec. 16 150,861 653,154 1,438 30% 28% 72% 677
Dec. 9 142,603 637,870 1,277 28% 26% 71% 787
Nov. 16 101,601 572,538 797 29% 21% 69% 938
Nov. 2 71,666 525,538 653       613
Oct. 6 48,259 432,754 503 33% 30% 79% 271
Sept. 15 38,287 368,033 435 36% 34% 82%  
Sept. 1 34,287 363,617 397 35% 36% 81% 161
Aug. 12 29,030 279,432 351 35% 35% 80%  
July 22 23,190 219,431 310 38% 42% 79%  
Aug. 12 19,177 161,431 274        
June 16 16,851 122,662 220 43% 47% 77%  
June 2 14,345 92,073 178 43% 49% 76%  
May 15 9,416 47,799 113 47% 42% 75%  
May 1 4,281 23,104 70        
April 15 901 10,828 20        
April 1 210 3,475 4        

Dodge County COVID-19 Cases

Information Links

Nebraska DHHS COVID-19 Data
Three Rivers Public Health Department COVID-19 Dashboard
Johns Hopkins global COVID-19 data
State of Nebraska's cornavirus response website
UNO Economic Impact and Recovery Dashboard
Fremont area COVID-19 community resources: Information on financial assistance, food assistance and health resources Take a quick assessment to help determine Nebraska's COVID-19 testing needs. All Nebraskans are asked to participate.

Current Directed Health Measure
The current Directed Health Measure for the Three Rivers Public Health Department (Dodge, Saunders and Washington counties) was updated on Dec. 23 and took effect Dec. 24. It is scheduled to run through Jan. 31. Click here to read the current DHM. Also on Dec. 23, Nebraska moved into "Phase Blue" of public health restrictions. Click here to see restrictions tied to the different phases.

Sign up for Vaccine
Three Rivers is currently accepting people age 75 or older in Dodge, Saunders and Washington counties to sign up for the waiting list to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. Click here to sign up.

Local information and updates on the coronaviris crisis
3RHD = Three Rivers Health Department based in Fremont
DHHS = Nebraska Department of Helth and Human Services.

It's happened before: Revisit the Eagle's story about last time a virus shut down society

12/30/20 - Eagle: Vaccine going out, DHM relaxed
12/23/20 - Governor: DHM to relax
12/21/20 - Eagle/3RPHD: Vaccine arrives
12/16/20 - Eagle/3RPHD: Vaccine on its way
12/03/20 - 3RPHD: Quarantine guildlines, length changed
11/18/20 - Eagle: School board hears plan to stay in school even if red
11/11/21 - NBC/Eagle: Policy change more likely to keep kids in school
10/21/20 - Eagle: NBC looks at how it has handled COVID-19
10/16/20 - Governor: Some DHM restrictions reinstitued
9/30/20 - Eagle: Locals anticipate vaccine with precaution
9/23/20 - Eagle: NBC busy keeping up with COVID changes
9/14/20 - DHHS: New DHM for Phase IV in effect through Oct. 31.
9/02/20 - Eagle: NBC one of six to receive thermometers to track COVID-19
9/01/20 - DHHS: Phase 3 extended for 3RPHD through Sept. 13, DHM issued
8/30/20 - Eagle video: NBC starts football season amongst COVID precautions
8/19/20 - 3RPHD: Risk Dial increased to "High"
8/19/20 - Eagle: NBC Board proactive in face of COVID
8/19/20 - Eagle: NBC spreads out for unusual school year
8/04/20 - Eagle: Phase 3, DHM extended throguh August
8/01/20 - 3RHD, DHHS: Phase 3 DHM for August
7/22/20 - 3RHD: Risk Dial to show threat by county
7/22/20 - Eagle: NBC to open on time with precations
7/15/20 - Eagle: Fremont now a TestNebraska site
7/08/20 - Eagle: Cases start to level off locally
7/01/20 - Eagle: No new deaths reported
6/17/20 - Eagle: Four more deaths reported; Phase III announced
6/15/20 - Governor: Newest DHM announced, effective June 22
6/10/20 - Eagle: North Bend reopens city facilities
6/01/20 - 3RHD: TestNebraska to test in Fremont June 2, 3
5/27/30 - Eagle: Old Settlers postponed
5/27/30 - Eagle: New DHM will allow pool to open

5/21/20 - Governor: New DHM announced for June
5/20/20 - 3RHD: Dodge County reports first COVID-19 death
5/20/20 - Eagle: Scott winning battle vs. COVID-19
5/13/20 - Eagle: Hospitals keeping up with COVID, baseball softball can start June 1
5/11/20 - DHHS: Text of the local DHM effective through May 31
5/06/20 - Eagle: Dodge cases spike, new DHM in effect
5/06/20 - Eagle: Shutdown has people eager to get back to work
5/04/20 - DHHS: Text of new DHM in effect for Dodge, Saunders counties throguh May 10
5/03/20 - DHHS: County by county links to each county's Directed Health Measure
4/24/20 - Governor: DHM restrictions being relaxed for much of state, but not in Dodge, Saunders Co.
4/24/20 - 3RHD: Mass testing event reveals 25 new cases
4/22/20 - Eagle: NBC adopts plan for fourth quarter grading
4/21/20 - TestNebraska: Nebraska starts initiative to dramatically increase COVID testing
4/20/20 - Governor: Restriction on elective surgeries to lift May 4
4/09/20 - Governor: Additional business closures added to Directed Health Measure
4/09/20 - DHHS: Full text of revised Directed Health Measure
4/09/20 - 3RHD: Six rules to keep Nebraska Healthy
4/08/20 - Fremont Health prepares for COVID-19
4/03/20 - Eagle: NBC to remain closed rest of school year
4/02/20 - NBC: Contemplating graduation possibilities
4/02/20 - City of North Bend: City park closed indefinitely
4/02/30 - NSAA: All spring activities cancelled for rest of spring season
4/01/20 - Governor: Recommendations for grocery shopping
4/01/20 - Eagle: It's all homework now: NBC education goes online
3/30/20 - Governor: Statewide social distancing restrictions extended to April 30
3/26/20 - 3RHD: Gatherings prohibited, enfored by law; FAQ on DHHS order
3/25/20 - DHHS: Recommendations become law; Full text of Directed Health Measure, penalites
3/25/20 - 3RHD: Saunders Co. COVID-19 case confirms community spread
3/25/20 - Eagle: Businesses adapt to social distancing
3/25/20 - Eagle: Emergency city council meeting discusses COVID-19
3/24/20 - NBC: NBC will be closed indefinitely
3/24/20 - 3RHD: COVID-19 cases confirmed in Saunders, Washington counties
3/23/20 - 3RHD: Immediate guidelines for all businesses
3/23/20 - 3RHD: Recommendations for those who have recently traveled
3/20/20 - NBC: Access being restricted to school buildings
3/18/20 - Eagle: The how and why of wahsing hands
3/18/20 - Eagle: COVID-19 making changes to local life
3/16/20 - NB Emergency Manager: Statements on COVID-19
3/11/20 - Eagle: NBC school board prepares for virus disruption

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COVID-19 Timeline

• Dec. 23: With COVID-19 patients using less than 15% of hospital beds, Nebraska downgrades from yellow to blue phase, relaxing the DHM

• Dec. 21: 3RPHD announces that has recieved the COVID vaccine and will be administering it later in the week.

• Dec. 11: The U.S. FDA approves the COVID-19 vaccine for use in the United States.

• December 8: The first COVID-19 vaccine shot is administered in Coventry, England.

• December 3: The CDC changes quarantine guidlines, reducing length

• November 11: With hospitalizations at an all-time high, Governor Ricketts announced changes to the state's DHM, requiring masks and 6-foot spacing, among other changes.

• October 21: With cases and hospitalizations climbing, Nebraska brings back some DHM restrictions that had been relaxed.

• September 25: NBC cancels its football game against Schuyler because of COVID quarantines, four days after a volleyball game with Oakland-Craig was cancelled

• September 14: 3RPHD joins the majority of the state in Phase IV of reopening, which lifts nearly all restrictions.

• September 1: DHM issued for the first half of September. Phase III reopening remains in effect

• August 18: NBC opens in-person school with many precautions in place

• August 11: The Big Ten cancels fall sports

• August 1: While a portion of the state moves to Phase 4 reopening, 3RPHD extends Phase 3. DHM regulations for Augest remain the same as July.

• July 29: U.S. deaths surpass 150,000, the highest total of any country in the world

• July 20: The NSAA announces it plans to go forward with the fall sports season as scheduled

• July 18: NBC holds commencement outdoors, postponed from May

• July 8: NBC holds its junior-senior prom, postponed from March

• July 13: NBC school board decides school will begin on time with distancing and optional masks

• July 8: NBC holds its long-postponed prom, with no dancing and seats 6-feet apart at dinner

• July 1: Contact sports, including football, basketball and wrestling, allowed to practice and play

• June 22: A new DHM takes effect, ushering in Phase III of reopening in Nebraska

• June 20: The North Bend-Morse Bluff Black Sox play their first games, the first organized sport by an area team since the girls state basketball tournament March 7

• June 2: The North Bend City Council moves to reopen the library, city hall and auditorium. The pool and library will open June 8.

• May 26: The North Bend Chamber of Commerce announces that the 2020 Old Settles will be postponed

• May 21: Governor Ricketts announces a new DHM that will take effect June 1 and continue to relax restrictions

• May 15: Dodge Counthy reports its first COVID-19 related death

• May 11: NBC school board sets a tentative July 18 date for graduation ceremonies

• May 11: Governor Ricketts announces that baseball and softball practice may begin June 1, with games June 18

• May 11: The more relaxed DHM becomes effective in Three Rivers Health District, including Dodge and Saudners Counties. Resturants are allowed to open to 50 percent capacity

• May 8: Saunders County reports its first COVID-19 related death

• May 4: The majority of Nebraska begins a new, relaxed DHM. Dodge and Saunders counties are not included

• April 24: Governor Ricketts announces a relaxing of DHM restrictions in most of the state as of May 3. Churches allowed to meet with guidlines.

• April 24: 3RHD announced a mass testing event a few days earlier resulted in 25 positilve tests. 21 were from Dodge County, more than doubing the number of confirmed cases in the county.

• April 21: Nebraska starts TestNebraska, an effort to dramatically increase COVID-19 testing, including drive-up testing

• April 13: NBC school board adopts plan for handling grading for e-learning

• April 7: The state of Nebraska reports its 10th known death from COVID-19. 3RHD reports seven known cases of COVID-19 in Dodge County

• April 4: President Trump appoves Nebraska's request for federal disaster assistance

• April 3: All 93 Nebraska counties are now subject to the state's Directed Health Measure

• April 3: the CDC recommends Americans cover their faces when leaving home

• April 2: The city of North Bend closes the city park to prevent kids gathering in groups

• April 2: The NSAA announces that all practices and competitions, including districts and state, have been cancelled for the spring season.

• April 1: Nebraska's Directed Health Measure now effecitve in 56 counties. Governor orders schools to stay closed through May 31

• March 27: The first COVID-19 deaths in Nebraska are announced. A 59-yard old Woman in Hall County died March 26 while a Omaha man in his 50s died earlier in the week.

• March 25: The Nebraska DHHS makes many previous recommendations on social distancing required by law in certain eastern Nebraska counties

• March 25: The NSAA suspends high school sports through May 1

• March 24: NBC announces that in-person school is suspended indefinitely

• March 18: NBC starts online classes for its students

• March 16: The CDC advises against gatherings of 50 or more people. By the end of the day, that number is reduced to 10 people

• March 15: NBC announces that it will not hold in-person classes for the next two weeks

• March 15: The CDC recommends cancling events where more than 250 people might gather

• March 12-14: The boys state basketball tournament is held in full, but spectators are limited to immediate family

• March 11: The NBA suspends its season after Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz tests positive

• March 8: In response to the case at the YMCA, all Fremont schools and Midland University announce they will be closed through March 14.

• March 5-7: The NBC girls play in and win the state basketball tournament. A couple of Benders are interviewed on TV about COVID-19, saying it's pretty far from their minds

• March 5: A woman who competed in a Special Olympics basketball tournament at the Fremont YMCA on Feb. 29 tests positive

• January 21: The first case of COVID-19 in the United States is found in Washington state