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Board hears plan to stay in school if in red zone

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 11/18/20

The North Bend Central P Board of Education held its monthly meeting Nov. 9 in the Tiger Den at NBC.

The board and principals spent time discussing what would be done if the risk dial went to the highest level, red. Elementary principal Tessie Beaver said they have come up with plans that will keep the students in school: Students reporting to their class upon entering school rather than their usual walking exercise, everyone entering school at doors with temperature check, wearing mask when not able to socially distance, eating lunch in classroom and recess with their class section only (not whole class). Beaver presented different programs that could be used for e-learning for elementary students.

“Instruction delivery needs to fit the needs of the learners,” Beaver said. The main problem would be getting devices home to students if shut down would be sudden.

High school principal Brenda Petersen said measures at the high school include eating lunch in classrooms in addition to all that is already being done.

“Face-to-face learning is awesome,” Petersen said. “We want to keep it.”
Endorf said that the schools that have had to close were usually because of lack of staff.

“If we do close, we hope it would be for really short term,” Endorf said. “With three months of knowledge we can put together a plan that gives us some footing.”

Endorf referenced a letter from Three Rivers Public Health Department stating “because of the terrific work our schools are doing... keeping students in school is the safest place for them to be.”

The board also reviewed the latest NSAA policies and DHM for winter activities. As of Monday, attendance for events is cut down to 25% capacity. Guidelines for activities will be updated as needed.

Galen Uhing talked about the plumbing at the elementary school and options to fix it. He said it is not in dire need of repair at this time, but after 62 years, it is starting to show its age. He presented three options with the board going with the $2,160 option with input requested from architect as to what he thinks will be the best option moving forward.

The board settled on a school calendar for next year with school starting Aug. 17, 2021, and ending May 17, 2022.

Security Resource Officer Jesse Sladky sent to the board a request to apply for a School Safety Grant. This is something that was created after the Parkland School shooting in 2018. The grant furnishes software to districts and law enforcement agencies so that the agencies will be able to better respond to an active shooter situation. The $20,000 grant covers the price of the software but there are some expenses that the school would incur in order to implement and maintain the program.

Board member Jay Possnecker said he was for anything for the safety of the kids. The rest of the board concurred and the motion was passed to apply for this grant. NBC would be the first school in Nebraska to use it.

The next board meeting is Dec. 14 at 7 p.m. at NBC.

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