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Updated 11/9/20

Monday, Nov. 9 - We have included the Morse Bluff Village Board write-in votes, which did not change the top three vote getters. There were also a few minor changes in some of the other numbers, which did not effect the outcomes of any races.

Nov. 4 11:40 a.m. - Both Dodge County and Saunders County made updates early this morning, but they did not affect the order in any of our monitored races. The Dodge county votes added three or fewer votes to our total. Saunders County added a handful (around 40), but those votes did not come from Morse Bluff, because the villiage board race there is unchanged.

1:28 a.m. - That's all for Election NIght 2020 for the North Bend Eagle. Thank you for following allong. We'll check back in the morning. Late morning.

1:18 a.m. - Just because it heard the Eagle was shutting it down, Dodge County released what we belive is its final update of the night, adding a large portion of votes to our tracked races. At this point it looks like Bob Feurer and Francis Emanuel will remain on the NBC school board with Doug Hoops joining them. The number of votes cast in the Morse Bluff village board race is simialr to 2016, so it is likely all those votes are in Now, of course, it just depends on how those write-in votes shake out.

1:00 a.m. - The Eagle is going to call it a night. We will check back in the morning, but not very early.

12:37 a.m. - The moment you've all been waiting for... Colfax County has filed its first report! Looks like six Colfax Countians voted in the NBC school board election.

12:10 a.m. - When you compare tonight's vote totals so far with the 2016 election, we are about two-thirds of the way home in Dodge County. For example, 962 people voted for NBC school board in Dodge County in 2016, and we have 628 so far in 2020. The current Saunders County votes are currently about 90 percent of what they were in 2020. We expect one more update from Dodge County. The Saunders County votes could be complete for the races we're following.

Nov. 3, 11:55 p.m. - Saunders County just gave a big update, adding in election day votes for the first time, though the additional votes did not change the order of the NBC school board race or the Morse Bluff village board race. Of course, there are 58 write-in votes sitting there in the Morse Bluff race with two declared write-in candidates. We won't know where those votes go for a couple of days. Colfax County has not reported any results yet, though they usually have just a small handful (between 0 and 3) of votes in the NBC board race.

11:00 p.m. - Dodge County was updated again, adding just a handful of votes to the races we are monitoring.

10:05 p.m. - Dodge County came out with its second update. Right now we expect about half of the votes have been counted, by looking at the number of votes in the NBC school board race compared to the 2016 election.

9:55 p.m. - The first Saunders County numbers are in. All Saunders County numbers at this time are early votes. No election day results yet. The NBC school board is a tight race for the third available seat.

8:30 p.m. - We have our first update from Dodge County. This number is likely early votes made before election day. Still no reports from Saunders County.

8:15 p.m. - The Eagle is standing by, but neither Dodge County of Saunders County have released any numbers yet. This is not particularly unusual at this point in the night.

The Eagle will be following the races listed below on election night, Tuesday, Nov. 3. The first updates will be released some time after 8 p.m.

With all the additional mail-in voting this year, it is unclear whether we will know final results on election night.

A note on write-ins: On election night write-in votes will simply be reported as “write-in.” In the days following the election, the election commission will go through and identify the write-ins who got votes. While one could make an assumption that the declared write-in candidates garnered the majority of the write-in votes, it is possible that there were write-in votes for other individuals as well. Also, in a race such as Morse Bluff Village Board where there are more than one write-in candidate, those votes won’t be differentiated until the days following the election.


North Bend City Council (2 seats)
Bart Bosco* 420
Alex Legge* 460
Write-in 15

Morse Bluff Village Board (3 seats)
Kevin Vyhlidal* 56
Robin Simanek 40
Karma Amison* 39
Jay Ruzicka* 32
Gloria Vosler 32
Lynden Rathke 22
Other write-ins 4
Declared write-in candidates: Rathke, Vosler

North Bend Central #595 School Board
(3 seats)
  Dodge Saunders Colfax Total
Francis Emanuel* 626 213 2 841
Doug Hoops 602 185 5 792
Bob Feurer* 593 172 1 766
Andy Swanson 468 156 2 626
Heidi Widick 449 169 2 620
Brandon Johnson 394 164 0 558
Write-in 7 0 0 7

Dodge County Board of Supervisors (1 seat)
Pat Tawney 2,243
Write-in 26

Dodge County Joint Law Enforcement Center Bond Issue (Link to info)
Against 8,105
For 7,147





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