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Board 'strikes up the band' with new uniforms

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 10/21/20

North Bend Central band director Alex Crowley addressed the Board of Education at its Oct. 12 meeting.

NBC band uniform
Dani Richardson models the new NBC band uniforms. That last marching uniforms were bought in 1986.

“The NBC band program needs a growth in numbers and morale,” Crowley said. “New marching band uniforms will provide a boost with retaining band students and recruiting new students. Students find purpose, respect, accountability and find identity when participating in a marching band.”

Crowley, in his second year of teaching, asked to board for support in purchasing new uniforms. He had priced uniforms at $20,402.80. NBC senior Dani Richardson was there to model a sample of the uniform.

Crowley has set a goal of having the marching band perform at halftime shows, at special programs at school and in the community, as well as participate in marching competitions. There are 26 members in the high school band, but he sees the band growing with 43 students participating in the middle school band and 22 in the fifth grade band.

NBC Music Boosters Club president Lisa Richardson, attended and spoke to the board, saying the booster club is committed to paying half of the cost.

The board was enthusiastic for this purchase, all agreeing that it would be a boost for the band program. They voted to approve the expense with the understanding of the cost of additional uniforms as needed.

The last uniforms, 80 in number, were purchased in 1986. Tuxedos will still be worn for some concerts.

Superintendent Dan Endorf spoke about the coronavirus and school’s response.

“The awareness is so much cleaner than it was at the first of the year,” he said.

High school principal Brenda Petersen said that the teaching staff has been great about “jumping in” and helping out when other teachers are gone.

“The students are making better choices when they are not here,” she said. “They want to be in school with their friends so they are doing what is necessary to avoid exposure to the virus.”

Petersen reported that the temperature scanners and traffic patterns are working out well.
Elementary principal Tessie Beaver said the teachers have stepped up to make sure the kids are learning. She feels they are in a “good groove” with teachers and paras figuring out the instructional routine

“The teams in the different classrooms really feel like family,” Beaver said. “The kids have a really strong bond within their team. If you have 12 people in classroom you take great ownership in that group.”

The board looked at other traditional activities and the COVID-related changes. The school is requesting just one parent come to parent-teacher conferences and wear a mask. The Veterans Day program will be held, but students will watch it on television in their rooms. The holiday concerts will be modified with each class performing separately and parents coming in to watch their own children’s presentation.

The board looked at the 2021-2022 school calendar for the first time. Differences were starting Aug. 12 or 17 and graduation May 8 or 15.

The next meeting will be Nov. 9 at 7 p.m.

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