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Commit to Christmas Blessings Store by Nov. 6

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 10/28/20

The Christmas Blessings Store offering free items has been held for four years. This year with all the coronavirus concerns, it will be held a little differently.


Instead of gathering all the items at the city auditorium, the planning committee is asking people put their items to give away on tables in their driveways or yards, curbside.

In order to let people know what is where, a map and listing of items for the taking will be published in the Eagle the week prior.

In order to ensure the event is worthwhile, the committee from the local sponsoring churches have decided people will need to commit to participating by Nov. 6 and let them know there are people wanting to do the Christmas Blessings Store.

Email with location and short description of items you will be setting out. This will be necessary in order for an ad in the Eagle to let people know where the goodies are. Once you commit, you will be e-mailed a sign that you can print off and post near your items so people know you are participating.

Donations should be set out near your curb on Saturday, Nov. 14, at 1 p.m. Whatever is left, you should remove by 4 p.m. This event applies to North Bend and Morse Bluff residents.

Toys, holiday decor and winter clothing would all be appreciated by many. There will be no money exchanged.

If not enough people commit to participating, the Blessing Store will not held this year.

Anyone with questions should contact Wendi Emanuel at 402-719-1991.


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