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Project manager talks Highway 30 expressway

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 9/2/20

It is great to see the pavement on the Rogers - North Bend Expressway reach the intersection north of town, but as one who drives past the intersection frequently, there are still lots of questions about the expressway. I reached out to Mick Jacobs, who is the Nebraska Department of Transportation project director for the Rogers to North Bend section of the expressway.

When asked about when the expressway would be opening, Jacobs said there were still lots of variables.

“Although the driving lanes have connected at Hwy 79, there are still turn lanes, intersections, shoulders and in some cases, gaps in the driving lanes, which were skipped to keep county roads open, left to construct,” Jacobs said. “All of that needs to be followed by finish grading, pavement marking and signing, roadway lighting at the Hwy 79 and County Road 7 intersections and lastly seeding.”

Jacobs said the last schedule he received from the contractor has the section from Hwy 79 to the west complete in mid-November.

Jacobs didn’t know for sure what the traffic pattern would be since the North Bend to Fremont section has been delayed.

“The current plan is for Highway 30 traffic to continue as it is. However, there will be a section of four-lane roadway open on the west end later this year,” Jacobs said. “The west bound lanes of the new expressway will be open from the Hwy 79 intersection. This would allow south bound traffic on Hwy 79 that wishes to go west toward Columbus an alternative instead of going through North Bend.”

Jacobs continues saying there will be a section of the new east bounds lanes which will be open.


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