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  Path plan
This is the map published in the Oct. 24, 2012, North Bend Eagle. Plans remain for a concrete trail north of the stadium. The area around and south of the stadium has been complete. Not seen on drawing is the Tiger Arena, completed in 2014.

Efforts to complete trail begun

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 6/6/06

The North Bend Tree Board, Inc., has decided it is time to complete the cement trail around the Franklin-Cotterell Greens Arboretum.

Cement trailThe concrete trail heads south on the east side of the North Bend Central football field. This paving was done in 2009.

“It has been ten (plus) years,” curator Bob Feurer said. “It is time to finish it.”

The arboretum was first started in 1991 and included a wood chip walking trail around the NBC football field and practice fields. It became an affiliate site of the Nebraska Statewide Arboretum in 1996.

Later that first year a cement trail in the arboretum began with the pouring of an 880-foot long, 6-foot wide handicap access trail loop from Birchwood Manor to a berm southeast of the football field, provided at cost by Arp’s Red-E-Mix.

A cement trail was completed around the football field in two phases. Phase I, completed in 2007, was the straight shot from the parking lot into the stadium. Phase II was the completion of the loop around the stadium and football field, done in 2009. The Phase II part was done by BnE Construction with the company donating the labor, bringing the concrete path to four-tenths of a mile

In 2012 the proposal for the complete cement trail, including that north of the stadium, was discussed, but nothing was accomplished for lack of funds.
Feurer said there are people using the walkway all the time.

“With the addition of the workout stations and disc golf, there is even more activity,” Feurer said. “It’s a safe place for walkers, no traffic, level ground. Those are the kind of things that make it all worthwhile.”

Feurer said they are at the very early stages of the project and studying the how much it will cost to complete the north loop. When that is settled, the Tree Board will begin applying for grants and other fund raising opportunities.


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