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New DHM coming

by Nathan Arneal
Published 4/14/21

For the week ending Monday, Dodge County reported 19 new COVID-19 cases, the lowest weekly total since last summer. Saunders County was slightly higher with 28 new cases.

On Monday, Governor Pete Ricketts announced that new Directed Health Measures would be announced soon. The new DHM will change quarantine requirements for people who have recently received a positive antibody test.
If someone with a positive antibody test in the previous three months comes into contact with someone with COVID-19, they will not have to quarantine but will be expected to wear a mask in public.

Felicia Quintana-Zinn of the Nebraska DHHS said data shows that reinfection is extremely rare. Only 162 possible reinfections have been identified among Nebraskans who have previous had COVID-19. Of those, only four required hospitalization.

Quintana-Zinn also said data is showing that the coronavirus vaccinations have been very successful at preventing infections and severe illness. The Department of Health and Human Services have identified 122 possible infections in people who have been fully vaccinated. This represents 0.03% of vaccinated Nebraskans, Quintana-Zinn said. Out of 6,390 total hospitalizations, only three have been vaccinated individuals.

Anyone over the age of 16 in Nebraska can get vaccinated. Register at or with your local health district, linked from’s COVID-19 page. You can also check with area pharmacies, including North Bend’s Medicine Man, that are scheduling appointments. Please schedule your vaccination today and help Nebraska to Finish Strong.


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