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School plans to Teambuild

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 12/22/21

The Dec. 13 North Bend Central school board meeting began with the proposal of a trial period for live streaming board meetings. The proposal passed with four board members voting for the livestreaming and two, Dan Wesely and Francis Emanuel, abstaining.

The board and about 30 patrons listened to a presentation by Les Douma, a consultant for Teambuilding. A copy of his full report will be available on the school website, Douma encouraged the school work on developing a positive culture and have it be a priority in all aspects of dealing with students, staff, administration and the district patrons. The main emphasis of Douma’s report revolved around improving communications.

“Let’s make what is already a very good school district even better,” Douma said. “Preserve the best, improve the rest.”

Four students, Brooklyn Arrington, Efrain Herrera, Jailee Howe and Natalyn Krenzer requested to graduate mid-term. After hearing their plans and the recommendation of approval from high school principal Brenda Petersen, the mid-term graduations were approved.

The board looked at the option enrollment capacity resolution for the 2022-2023 school year. Elementary principal Tessie Beaver spoke of possible kindergarten enrollment for next year, with a possibility of 43 students.

“We don’t know how many kindergartners will show up,” superintendent Dan Endorf said. “After COVID we were shocked at the number of kindergartners who showed up last year. Last summer five showed up who were a surprise for us. We do our best to be able to make those predictions.”

The board discussed the history of state aid. This year NBC received almost $1million in state aid for option enrolled students.
Endorf said one reason to do this was to make plans to move forward. The Board voted to raise the kindergarten capacity to 48 and to hire a third teacher for kindergarten next year. They will revisit this number in the summer when they have a more accurate idea of the number of incoming students.

The capacity for the other grades would remain unchanged: 37 in grades 1-5 and 40 in grades 6-12.)

The board reviewed Policy 5410, Student Transportation. It was brought to its attention that as a recent addition to the city, Pioneer Lake, was receiving bus service after school. The policy states that those eligible for transportation services are “residing outside the city of North Bend, but within the school district’s boundaries.”

Dan Wright spoke on behalf of the Pioneer Lake residents. He said the highway, railroad tracks, semi-truck traffic to the co-op were safety reasons for the bus service to continue.

“It’s a pretty defined difference between the Pioneer Lake residents and the rest of the city,” Wright said. “Our situation is unique.”
The board voted to extend what is happening now to the end of the school year and work on verbiage to amend policy.

The board voted to hire Hailey Bang to teach kindergarten for the second semester. She did her student teaching at NBE last semester.

The next meeting is Jan. 10, 2022, at 7 p.m.


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