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Four men, Jeremy Knapp of PeopleService, Tyler Vyhlidal from Emanuel Welding, city maintenance man Larry Hilliard and North Bend mayor Rod Scott, help move the new refrigerator into the entry of the city auditorium. The frige will be placed in the auditorium kitchen when other updating is done.

Updates started on auditorium

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 2/10/21

The North Bend city auditorium is getting a few touch-ups as it enters its 83rd year.

Last Wednesday a commercial refrigerator was delivered to the North Bend city auditorium, one of the many improvements that the city is making at the auditorium.

“It needs so much,” city clerk Theresa Busse said. “We’re starting with the kitchen.”

The refrigerator was one inch too tall to get into the auditorium. It took four men to remove the wooden crating beneath the refrigerator and get it inside the door. It will sit in the lobby until the floor painting is done. The refrigerator is the same style as the one at the park concession stand.

In the kitchen the west cupboards have been removed, and the walls will be cleaned and painted. Cupboards on the south and in the island will be emptied and deep cleaned. There will also be a new stove installed.

Then they will start on the bathrooms. The toilets are relatively new, but the sinks and walls need attention.

“The men’s restroom has curtains on the stalls,” Busse said. “This really needs updating.”

Next the women’s restroom will be updated with deep cleaning and new sinks.

After the 2019 flood, the bleachers in the auditorium were removed and the floor was refinished and walls painted in the main part. The northwest storage room was cleaned out and is available for use during events.

Matt Hamata Tinting will be re-tinting the front glass doors. There is a cork board by the south door that will hold notices and schedules of upcoming events.

Built in 1939, the 61-by-138 foot building has seen everything from varsity basketball to auctions to wedding dances.

The Eagle article written after the dedication in April 1939 said, “The amount of knowledge, foresight and consideration for the various needs and uses of the building on part of those who planned it are worthy of great appreciation by those who will enjoy the building throughout the years to come.”

And the community has enjoyed the auditorium for decades, but the pandemic has cut into social gatherings and the auditorium has been used less. Morning walkers (open M-F, 7-12) and youth basketball teams keep it busy as well as an occasional event now. Contact Busse at city hall to reserve.


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