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Board remains flexible

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 2/17/21

The North Bend Central Board of Education met Feb. 8 at the high school library.
They remained flexible in many different areas.

In looking at bids to purchase a new bus, one company put in a bid for a 65 passenger bus, though 59 passenger buses were what was requested.
Facilities director Kevin Ferguson said that a 65 passenger bus would be handy for some activities. After much discussion it was decided that they would request bids for a 65 passenger bus with other specs clarified.

It was noted that with the expanded state basketball schedule, the Class C1 girls would play on March 3. This is the year a teachers’ inservice spring break was to fall on the girls state basketball weekend. It was decided if NBC girls do qualify for state that the scheduled March 4 spring break would be changed to March 3. Superintendent Dan Endorf will make the decision at a later date.

In looking at the possible availability of COVID vaccine for the NBC staff, it was decided that NBC will incorporate a lottery system to determine the order in which the vaccine is distributed. A randomized list of all NBC employees has been made and vaccines will be offered to staff in the order on that list.

NBC is scheduled this year to host the West Division of conference speech on Wednesday, Feb. 24. This will be a face-to-face meet, but there will only be NBC speech students at the high and middle schools. All the teachers will be expected to work at the meet as well as other activities. Division head meetings and CPR training that will be offered during the day. The elementary school will have a regular day.

In hiring new teachers, the board was flexible in hiring Daniel Maresh as the new football coach. His has been a head football coach for 11 years. He was hired to be the business teacher, but is not endorsed in business education at this time. He will obtain that endorsement withing three years.

Other teachers hired were Jordan Nelson for the middle school social science and Alyssa Nelson for family and consumer science.

In looking at the board’s long term goals, Katie Wright presented a power point on the growth of career-based education at NBC. This is the fifth year for the class and attendance has been tripled, from three the first year to 18 to 26 now. There were testimonials from former students telling how career ed had helped them, not only in finding a career, but eliminating careers they were considering. Wright said the goal of the program is to help kids find career ‘fits’ before they waste semesters in college or the workplace after high school and a lot of time or money on the wrong path/classes/program.

Wright said NBC has been called the ‘gold standard’ of career offerings in small schools.

The next board meeting will be March 8, 7 p.m. at NBC.


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