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Maresh eager to tackle NBC football

by Nathan Arneal
Published 2/17/21

There were many geographical reasons Dan Maresh was eying the open head football coaching position at North Bend Central.

NBC football
Dan Maresh has been hired at the next NBC head football coach.

For one, it will be a shorter commute than his previous job in Lyons. A little over a year ago his family moved from Lyons to Fremont, where his wife Kady is an instructional coach with Fremont Public Schools. As a native of Dodge, the move to NBC also gets him closer to home and his parents, something his mom and dad made sure he was aware of.

“Once we kind of heard this job was going to come open, they started calling me all the time and trying to find out more and pushing me in this direction,” Maresh said. “I didn’t need any pushing. I was on the same page.”

But it’s not all about mileage. He also liked the potential of being a part of the NBC football program.

“The facilities and everything they are doing here, it just seems like it’s trending in a direction that a lot of people want to be a part of,” Maresh said. “You have facilities, a great staff, great community. The football is in a great place. I’m going to jump at that opportunity.”

He did jump at the chance, and now the job is his.

Maresh, 39, grew up in the 8-man football world at Dodge, where he graduated in 2000. He then earned a degree while playing football and baseball at Nebraska Wesleyan—though he would tell you “play” might be too strong a word: “I had the best seats in the house. I got to watch every game from the sideline.”

Then it was back to 8-man football where he cut his coaching teeth as the head coach of Lyons-Decatur starting in 2009. In 2014, that school began a co-op with Bancroft-Rosalie, and he became the head coach at BRLD, which meant a jump into 11-man football. While the switch took some adjusting, he used his 8-man experience to help build his offensive philosophy for 11-man.

“We tried to make 11-man as much like 8-man as possible,” he said, “just trying to get kids in space.”

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