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Board setting goals for future growth

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 6/9/21

Approximately five years ago, the North Bend Central School Board of Education set goals. A majority of those goals have been accomplished in spite of a town flood and world pandemic. Technology progress was such that the pandemic and remote learning was handled with ease.

Facilities have been updated with a large renovation planned for next summer at the elementary site.

The pandemic forced teachers to look at teaching in new ways, which helped bring professional development up to speed.

Career based education was implemented and has grown with increased student involvement.

In updating the board’s goals, it stuck with the same areas, just looking at them in a new ways.

In the area of technology, the board wanted to make sure the teachers were using technology to its full potential.

The board walked outside to the north and west of the high school building. They looked at needs for those area and discussed them with facilities director Kevin Ferguson.

Safety was a goal that has become more prominent these last few years. The school has cameras placed and will continue to work with Dodge County Sheriff’s Office on the safety and security for students in the classroom and activities.

The board discussed Trauma Informed Care, where teachers look at students to see who might need help and offer ongoing support.

Considering professional development, the board discussed how to hire and keep the best teachers as well as reward quality teachers.

It was suggested that some team building might be needed after a year of social isolation and as a result of recent survey.

In looking over the goals, board member Bob Feurer said that they are all wrapped up into making NBC a better school. School improvement goals drive all goals.

“We as board support it, fund it,” board member Francis Emanuel said.
The board looked at the office staff duties and considered reshuffling some assignments around with the resignation of Nicole Rasmussen. The board voted to give the classified staff a 5% pay increase to keep competitive and to retain staff with Justin Taylor voting nay and Doug Hoops not able to vote as he was not physically at the meeting but listening on a phone.

The next board meeting is June 14, 7:30 p.m., at the high school.


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