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Nuisances getting letters, court next

by Nathan Arneal
Published 8/24/22

North Bend’s board of health recently made a trip around town for the third straight month checking on nuisances, members reported at the Aug. 16 city council meeting.

Courtesy letters were sent out in June asking citizens to clean up the nuisances. Letters were again sent in July to the nuisances that hadn’t been cleaned up in 30 days.

With two months to clean up, 22 properties that hadn’t yet cleaned up the nuisances will receive a certified letter.

“It’s really upsetting the fact that all this has gone on and now we have to spend the money on a certified letter,” councilman Alex Legge said. “It’s sad that the taxpayers of town have to spend that money to get these folks to clean their properties up.”

Fifteen first-time letters also went out based on the recent tour of town.

“Most of them, if people would just mow their weeds,” city clerk Theresa Busse said. “The weeds are out of control in places.”

The council approved 22 resolutions declaring nuisances of the properties that have not been cleaned up in 60 days since the first notices. Those property owners will get certified letters notifying them of such. They will have five days to respond to the letter.

Taking the property owners to court will be the next step.

“They’re not huge messes,” mayor Rod Scott said. “They’re just messes. One or two afternoons you could take care of this and be done.”

The council also decided to find out if there will be a tire recycling collection nearby for residents to dispose of tires.

On another topic, councilman Ken Streff, chair of the pool and parks department, reported that the new boiler has been installed at the swimming pool and will be ready to go for next summer.


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