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Lynda Cerny (center, back) is pleased with the new look of Brews in the Bend in downtown North Bend. She and husband Tom saw this as a another option for people in North Bend.

Remodeled, revitalized downtown bar and grill opens

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 1/19/22

Lynda Cerny has a goal to make Brews in the Bend into a nice family friendly gathering place.

Cerny has had a long presence in North Bend. She has worked at the nursing home, different businesses in town and had her own florist and gift shop for a number of years. She rented a store front on the north block of Main Street but decided she needed more space and her own place, so she purchased the building at 623 Main Street in May 2021. After a little fixing up, in moved Florals and Finds, her combination floral business, clothing store and coffee shop.

She and her husband, Tom, soon realized that she did not have enough room for her gifts, clothing and coffee bar. The building to the north of the floral shop, which was most recently Smitty’s Brickhouse bar and grill, had been standing empty for a couple of years. The Cernys started talking to the owners about buying it.

“I looked at it five different times,” Lynda said. “I would look at it, I would take pictures. I would study pictures. I would talk to the contractor. I was wondering about the wall (between floral shop and bar). I wanted an opening between them.”

Cerny said she is a “fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants” type of person while husband Tom a more conservative, a planner.

“I can always see the diamond in the rough,” Cerny said.

She convinced her husband to see the potential. Her banker was supportive and they bought the building in September.

“Being in a smaller community, as nice of a community as North Bend is, we thought this is was something we could bring to the community,” Lynda said. “We should give it a shot.”

Lynda, 55, and Tom, 58, realized this was something they should have done 20 years ago, but with a young family, they saw the need for families and decided to go with it.

They talked about options in North Bend and saw what other towns had to offer. They saw businesses working together to promote the town. They saw this business as something that would add to North Bend, but there was lots of work to do.

“Between being empty for a while and being a rental for a while before that, the bar needed a lot of cleaning, updating, replacing of appliances and— everything,” Cerny said.

Jeremy Schwanebeck looked at the wall between the bar and flower shop and was able to make a door so that the coffee bar could be accessed from either side of the wall and the flower shop could be closed off after hours.

The Cernys knew a lot needed to be done to the building.

“But as we got into it we saw everything that could be broke was broke or needed to be replaced,” Lynda said.

The cleaning began.

“It took forever to clean,” she said. “Tom took every single ceiling tile in the kitchen down and degreased them. It took hours and hours to clean the kitchen.”

Coolers with new compressors, furnaces and air conditioners had to be bought. The roof had to be sealed, the walls painted and new appliances, cooking equipment and an ice machine were added.


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